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Mold Medics Multi-Unit Owner Touts the Brand’s Support and Quickly Profitable Model

Michael Chapman is amazed at the success he’s had within the system in under two years.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 4:16PM 11/29/22

After a long career in sales, Michael Chapman took a leap of faith by jumping into entrepreneurship by franchising with Mold Medics, an emerging mold and allergen treatment franchise. While he had no prior experience running his own company, he felt confident because he believed in the brand. 

Chapman had met Mold Medics founder Tim Swackhammer years prior and had watched him grow his business into a successful franchise system with a strong level of built-in support. When Swackhammer brought up the idea of investing and showed him the numbers, Chapman was excited. 

He signed a multi-unit agreement in April 2020 for Beaver, Mercer and Lawrence counties in Western Pennsylvania. Business has been booming; Chapman has surpassed the franchisor's projections, surprising even himself.

“We have done numbers that I didn't think were possible,” he said. “When Tim was setting goals, I almost didn’t believe I could do it, but we’ve exceeded them. It’s been a great year and a half in business.”

Due to his successes, Chapman has hired two full-time employees that were previously job-displaced by the pandemic and now have fulfilling careers as technicians. The immediate success that Chapman has allowed him to accelerate his goals and plans for his operations. He hopes to add a second vehicle to his fleet soon, allowing him to double the number of service appointments and likely double his staff by hiring two more employees.

“They are fantastic hard workers, and I’m proud to be able to provide a steady paycheck to them,” he said. “I love being the owner of a company; it’s a great motivator to be building something that provides for not only yourself but others as well. I’ve found that I will work four times as hard for myself than I would for somebody else.”

One of the things that has helped Chapman quickly grow into a successful multi-unit franchisee is that he stands behind the Mold Medics’ promise of a job well done. The company does not rush. It takes time to ensure everything is executed correctly because the client’s health is on the line, as well as the franchisee’s reputation. Chapman also credits the success of his operations to the tremendous support of Mold Medics’ corporate staff, saying the executives are always there to answer questions and provide tips.

“This brand has been fantastic to work with,” he added. “I was not a business owner before this and had no experience in the mold remediation industry before this, but they were able to train me and get me to this level very quickly. I'm really happy with the company.”

The brand is thrilled that Chapman has been a model of the immense opportunity that awaits franchise owners.

“Michael has been a fantastic owner, exceeding our expectations and having increasingly successful operations in Pennsylvania,” said Swackhammer. “The Mold Medics team is so happy to have him as a part of our family and is looking forward to seeing what he can achieve.”

The start-up costs for starting a Mold Medics are $83,049–$158,999, with an initial franchise fee of $29,999. For more information on franchising with Mold Medics, visit