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How Mosquito Hunters Franchise Development Manager Ronald Ens Helps Grow the Brand and Keep Customers Safe

Ronald Ens explains his background, home services expertise and the journey within the franchise development industry that led him to Mosquito Hunters.

Before arriving at Mosquito Hunters, Ronald Ens had already garnered a great deal of experience within the home services industry. Ens worked with a number of businesses to develop and institute processes for finding and engaging with the most profitable customers. After coming on board at Lawn Doctor in 2017 as a consultant, Ens was eventually hired as Franchise Development Manager for Mosquito Hunters to help expand the brand and its franchising opportunity. 

“At Lawn Doctor, I was able to leverage my consulting background in the home services industry and bring it to franchising for the first time,” said Ens. “The home services industry will continue to grow rapidly as the older generation requires more help and the dual-income households of the younger generation are too busy to take care of the services themselves.”

In addition to a thriving industry, Ens knew that Mosquito Hunters presented a unique franchise opportunity, filling a valuable and exciting niche within an unsaturated market. “Mosquito Hunters offers franchisees benefits like low overhead, a moderate initial investment, recurring revenue, a streamlined operations model and a social component that is not easy to find in the home services segment,” he said. 

This social component is in regards to the ever-increasing number of diseases being transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquito Hunters’ services help people stay healthy and eradicate mosquitoes, ticks and other carriers that can cause a host of problems such as Lyme Disease and the recent EEE epidemic

“These issues are the most prevalent in the Northeast and Michigan, where Mosquito Hunters franchisees such as Beth Willis in Michigan and Geoff McGregor in New Hampshire are providing services that help keep their communities safe and healthy,” Ens said. “Unfortunately, these issues aren’t going away anytime soon.”

From a marketing perspective, Ens was immediately drawn to Mosquito Hunters’ clever and engaging brand. “I love the brand that Andy Fuller started in Chicago five years ago, growing the business and franchising it himself,” he said. When the company partnered with Happinest, the opportunity still stood for an executive team member to build out the franchise development process and accelerate Fuller’s successful growth of the active franchisee pool. Ens stepped in.

“My task as the Franchise Development Manager is to manage the sales information process from initial solicitation through the final step of the discovery process, Discovery Day,” said Ens. “That includes working with franchise consultants as well as developing internal processes to bring people along. When a candidate expresses interest, we make sure the process is as streamlined and informative as possible.”

According to Ens, this includes nurturing leads through informative email drip campaigns and validation calls where candidates can talk to existing franchise owners. “I am the initial point-of-contact for new franchisees and their representatives, providing territory alignment information and incorporating the prospect into the formal team sales processes,” Ens said. “This also includes the development and management of prospect communications for the purpose of engaging and informing potential franchisees.”

As opposed to being exclusively sales-oriented, Ens’ role is more consultative, allowing him the chance to guide franchisees through the process, answer questions and point them in the direction of current franchisees who can validate their choice to sign on. “Once a consultant informs me of a good franchisee candidate, I register that candidate and hand it over to the development director, who will present them with all of the relevant information.”

“Mosquito Hunters is a great opportunity in the home services space and we make sure to create awareness by consistently responding to all types of queries and help candidates better understand the opportunity,” said Ens. “I am able to utilize my business development background to determine which markets should be targeted for messaging. For example, there are different markets where mosquito infestation is more pronounced, so we make sure to target those areas and provide the proper messaging to create awareness.”

As Ens continues to help grow Mosquito Hunters, he is excited to bring his expertise and skill set to the brand. “Whether it be marketing communication or business development, my background gives me the skills I need to develop the right messaging and materials,” Ens said.

To ensure that franchisees reach their full potential, Ens stresses how important it is to find the right franchisor-franchisee partnership. “If a franchisee’s goals and expectations do not align with the franchise opportunity, they are never going to meet their full potential,” said Ens. “It is the Mosquito Hunters’ philosophy to find passionate and qualified candidates who are 100% committed to building the business. Once we find the perfect candidates, the success comes naturally.”

The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $70,107 to $82,903. The franchise license fee ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. For more information on franchising opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit

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