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Mosquito Hunters Wraps Up First Half of 2021 With 20 New Franchisees

As entrepreneurs seek fast-growth home service opportunities, Mosquito Hunters has surpassed the 100-unit mark thanks to its well-positioned consumer offering and home-based business model.

Mosquito Hunters, the outdoor pest control business with 100-plus units across the country, has already signed 20 new franchisees for 28 new units to date in 2021. Over the past year, as homeowners spent more time in their outdoor spaces, Mosquito Hunters’ services were in higher demand than ever. Now, the Mosquito Hunters team is keeping that momentum strong as qualified franchisees continue to join the Mosquito Hunters family and enter the booming $500 billion home services industry. 

Why Mosquito Hunters Continues To Grow

As the demand for home services grows, Mosquito Hunters’ franchise opportunity has proven to be uniquely well-positioned for the future. “We are seeing a lot of first-year franchisees exceed their growth goals despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic,” said Mosquito Hunters business coach Nick Sorgani. “Many of our owners have been growing their customer bases and making headway a lot faster than we were expecting.”

For Scott, the owner of Mosquito Hunters of Suburban Essex, New Jersey, 2020 was his first season with the franchise. As the season went on, he experienced tremendous success and exceeded many of the sales goals he had established during his training process.

“The increased consumer demand due to the pandemic allowed many of us first-time franchisees to exceed our goals,” Scott said. “We had originally thought we were going to hit 200 customers but ended up bringing in 400 customers. Moving forward, I expect to have at least a 90% repeat rate and with referrals, we will start off this year way ahead of where we were last year.”

This in-demand consumer offering has also helped the brand stay consistent on the development side. In addition, the brand offers several other differentiators that have become increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs, including a home-based business model, strong support infrastructure, low cost of entry and high profit margins. 

“We are continuing to see a lot of momentum on the development side, with a lot more prospective franchisees in the pipeline than usual at this point in the season,” said Sorgani. “This past year has really shone a light on the strength of the home services industry. People are looking for strong opportunities that will allow them to take control of their own business and work-life, and Mosquito Hunters is a perfect choice.”

How Mosquito Hunters Positions Owners for Success

The Mosquito Hunters business model was specifically designed to position owners for scalable and long-term success, allowing owners to thrive even during difficult times, Sorgani says. Owners benefit from low operating costs, limited staff requirements and high margins since the business doesn’t require a storefront. In addition, franchisees can leverage a recurring revenue model that allows for a fast ramp up to ROI.

The Mosquito Hunters team also provides franchisees with a robust infrastructure of support. “A big part of our business model is about dividing and conquering — not just putting everything on the franchise owner,” said Sorgani. “Other franchises may offer a playbook but our DoJo Telesales Center, for example, takes it one step further by handling all incoming calls and freeing up a lot of time for franchisees to go out and market their businesses in their community and nurture strong customer relationships. We also have an in-house marketing team that handles national marketing so franchisees can make that impact on the local level through ground game tactics. Franchisees want that guidance and support of the franchisor, which is a big reason we’ve seen so much growth.”

John and Alicia of Mosquito Hunters Long Island joined the brand in 2019 and say the support infrastructure has been a primary advantage as they continue to expand. “The Mosquito Hunters team provides everything you could need when it comes to marketing, analytics, technology — you name it,” Alicia said. “It is amazing what the top-notch corporate team can do.”

How Mosquito Hunters Continues To Adapt to the Changing Landscape

Looking ahead to the end of 2021 and beyond, Mosquito Hunters franchise business coach Vasili Foukarakis says the team is continuing to adapt its franchise offering to stay ahead of the curve. 

“We are constantly optimizing our business model, whether it is our social media marketing, lead generation or staffing, to ensure existing franchisees are able to thrive,” Foukarakis said. “For example, we recently implemented micro-territory ground packages, which shows owners which neighborhoods to focus their marketing tactics on. We’ve just started scratching the surface with these tools, and as the team continues to innovate, we are excited for the future of the brand.” 

Additionally, Sorgani says the Mosquito Hunters team has been updating its practices to help owners adapt to the labor shortage that is impacting several industries. “Like many businesses, early 2021 has brought labor challenges, but we are continuing to update franchisees with support, changes and resources to help find hires during this period,” he said.

Now, the Mosquito Hunters team is looking for qualified prospects who are eager to start a recession-resistant business with the backing of a supportive brand and innovative team. “As we grow and optimize the Mosquito Hunters brand, we are super focused and engaged on trying to find the right fit for a business owner,” said Foukarakis. “We want to make sure we match people with the right business — finding the right franchisees for the brand will benefit everyone in the long run. By doing that, we’ve created a team of people who are very like-minded and are super focused on following the business model and growing the Mosquito Hunters brand.”

The total investment necessary to open a Mosquito Hunters franchise ranges from $73,937 to $96,437. The franchise license fee ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. For more information on franchising opportunities with Mosquito Hunters, visit

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