How Veterans of Varied Backgrounds Arrived at the Ideal Franchise Opportunity in Mosquito Joe
How Veterans of Varied Backgrounds Arrived at the Ideal Franchise Opportunity in Mosquito Joe

Two veterans with different experiences use the skills gained from their military backgrounds to succeed as Mosquito Joe franchisees.

Named as a top franchise for veterans, Mosquito Joe, a Neighborly company, continuously attracts servicemen and women to become franchise partners. Owners Patrick and Renée Perdue of Mosquito Joe of Madison-Glastonbury and Andrew Fisher of Mosquito Joe of Decatur share why the leading pest control business’ service-oriented values influenced them to join the system.

When Navy veteran Patrick Perdue and his wife, Renée, moved their family from New York to suburban Connecticut, they were enthusiastic about having more yard space. But with two children and a dog, the Perdues knew there was a lot they needed to understand about ticks and mosquitoes in order to enjoy their new outdoor space. They sought out pest control options but weren’t satisfied with the outcome.

“The mosquito and tick control company we used in our first season in Connecticut couldn't answer any of our questions about what products they used and how they worked!” Renée said. “We needed facts, information and knowledge to make the best decision possible for our family and we didn’t get that from that provider.”

After his Naval career, Patrick went on to a career on Wall Street. Renée, a career educator, worked in various education roles, including as a teacher, teaching coach, principal and as a consultant for an international corporation. Due to their unmanageable commutes to work and young children at home, the Perdues began searching for a new opportunity for Renée.

“I wanted to find an Amazon-proof, community-based service business that Renée could run day-to-day and still utilize her skills from years in education and management,” Patrick said. “When our search led us to Mosquito Joe, we were immediately reminded of our previous experience with another mosquito control business, which was underwhelming and disappointing. Mosquito Joe's emphasis on customer service, corporate support and the way the brand promotes education really resonated with us.”

The couple opened their first Mosquito Joe territory along the Connecticut shoreline in 2018 and plan to open two more territories in Glastonbury and New London in the next two years.

Andrew Fisher, an Army veteran, worked in retail loss prevention throughout the Southeast U.S. for almost 20 years after leaving the service. He’d considered purchasing a franchise for some time before coming across Mosquito Joe in Fortune magazine.

“The brand was recognized as top franchise owned by veterans, so I was immediately intrigued,” Fisher said.

Compelled by a similar desire to positively impact his community, Fisher decided to purchase a territory in the metro Atlanta area; he opened his business in Decatur, Georgia in early 2017.

Even with their varied backgrounds, both veterans were able to recognize the advantages of the Mosquito Joe franchise model and sign on with the brand. From the top down, Mosquito Joe has experienced the positive influence military experience brings, which served as an important connection point when the Perdues and Fisher were exploring franchise opportunities.

“[Mosquito Joe president] Lou Schager is a Naval Academy graduate himself, and another corporate team member was a Navy pilot who worked alongside some of my old Navy friends,” Patrick said. “There was just an immediate kinship with the brand.”

Fisher agreed, noting that the network of fellow veterans is one of the franchise’s outstanding aspects. “There is a sense of community with the franchise owners,” Fisher said. “There are numerous other veterans within the organization, on the corporate team and other franchisees, which stands out meaningfully to veterans looking to get involved with Mosquito Joe.”

Both Patrick and Fisher have been able to rely on a number of skills they gained during their time in the military as they operate their Mosquito Joe businesses. Patrick worked in a technical capacity as a Naval officer stationed on submarines and had to obtain certifications in order to complete his duties.   

“I felt comfortable owning a business like Mosquito Joe that employs technicians that have to be state certified because of the products we use,” Patrick said. “Overall, everything you do in the military has a specific procedure. The procedure-based work and support provided by Mosquito Joe’s corporate team fit well with the mentality of military veterans.”

The regimented nature of work at Mosquito Joe also resonated with Fisher because of his Army background. “The discipline, independence, and self-reliance I learned in the military have directly contributed to my success as a franchisee in the Mosquito Joe system,” Fisher added.

Jodi Ramonio, Mosquito Joe Director of Franchise Development, said the brand is very welcoming to prospective business owners with military experience.

“Chances are, all the things that brought them success in their military career will transfer over into operating a business and becoming a successful franchisee,” she said. “Much like the military, a franchise is made up of systems that must be followed. Our team knows that if a franchisee candidate can make it in any segment of the armed forces, they how to get the job done.”