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Mosquito Joe Franchising Ramps Up Development Efforts in the Northeast

How outdoor pest control franchise, Mosquito Joe, plans to use the off-season to pursue new business along the Eastern seaboard.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 01/04/19

As outdoor pest control franchise Mosquito Joe wraps up its busy season with over 120,000 customers serviced, the 280-plus unit brand is shifting its efforts from acquiring new customers to attracting new franchisees. The leading mosquito, tick and flea control company is setting its sights on the Northeast for growth in 2019 and plans to spend the off-season focusing on development efforts in the region. The company aims to promote brand awareness by positioning itself as the expert in outdoor pests and the health risks they pose.

Mosquito Joe has a strong presence in the Northeast and plans to continue expansion. The company currently has territories in states such as New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. “We plan to grow our presence in states where we’re already operating. In the Northeast, we’re focused on New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut,” said Jodi Ramoino, Mosquito Joe Director of Franchise Development.

“This area is ideal for our business and presents a great opportunity for us,” Ramoino said. The Northeast has numerous suburban markets where there are many families who have homes with a yard. “These are families where parents work hard all week and want to play with their kids outside on the weekends. They want to ensure their yard is a comfortable place where they can spend their time,” she added.

While mosquitoes are a concern in the warmer months, ticks are a prevalent issue in the Northeast during spring, summer and fall. The region’s heavily wooded terrain provides an ideal area for ticks to breed and thrive. Mosquito Joe treatments provide a layer of defense against the pests which makes it a popular service in the area. “Our primary goal is to educate our customers about ticks and the potential health risks they carry,” said Mosquito Joe President Lou Schager.

Schager noted that the CDC reported a high concentration of Lyme disease in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. “We have found that franchisees in this region excel in treating properties for these pests, making outside a more enjoyable place,” Schager said.

In the pursuit of providing pest control nationwide, Mosquito Joe aims to saturate areas with existing territories and expand into new ones next year. “In 2019, we are aiming to expand into up to 50 new territories across the country,” Ramoino said. “Of those, we hope to add between 8 and 12 untapped territories to the Northeast, with numerous opportunities still available.”

At $35,000, Mosquito Joe has one of the lowest initial franchise fees. Additionally, the recurring revenue structure, seasonal business model and eye-catching branding are attractive to prospective franchisees. Schager explained that the brand is focusing on various local marketing efforts in the Northeast to find potential new franchisees to add to its network.

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