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Mother-Daughter Duo Found Success By Franchising with Caring Transitions

After making the leap from the mortgage industry to the world of franchising, Susan and Chloe Roddy haven’t looked back.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
11:11AM 11/16/23

Mother-daughter duo Susan and Chloe Roddy were in the mortgage industry when they decided they needed a change. Having been familiar with Caring Transitions through CTBids, the brand’s online estate sale platform, the pair decided to look into franchising. And once they did, it was a no-brainer. 

Susan had firsthand experience moving her parents and step-parent into and out of assisted living while Chloe previously worked for a cleaning company that helped seniors. This combined experience with the senior market, as well as their love of CTBids, led them to recognize the strength of the Caring Transitions business model.

Chloe and Susan bought the franchise in December of 2022 and hit the ground running when Caring Transitions of Appleton opened for business in March 2023. 

“I don't think we understood the need in this area,” said Chloe. “As soon as we got started, we were inundated with a lot of inquiries, wondering what we are, what we do and what we're about. And we have been very busy since. We're super thankful, and it feels like we've definitely made the right decision. This area in particular has a lot of seniors who need help.” 

How Having the Backing of a National Brand Fuels Success  

In their initial franchising journey, the Roddys spent time talking to other Caring Transitions owners and hearing first-hand accounts of what the business was like. 

“In talking to other location owners, it became very evident that they use the foundation that corporate lays down, but also that they have the ability to make changes within the business model that would fit their location, their goals, their personal location and business plan,” said Susan. 

The Roddys realized how valuable it was to have corporate backing without having to sacrifice the individuality of their business. 

“I don't think we would have had the immediate work that we did had we not gotten into a franchise,” said Chloe. “We do have that national name behind us, as well as the marketing that they give us, in addition to many other things. We're very thankful that we started our first business within the franchising realm … the help that they've given us has been phenomenal.” 

How Business Ownership Helped Escape Isolation 

Having worked from home for several years, both Chloe and Susan acknowledge the profound impact their business ownership has had on combating loneliness. 

“We were actually both working from home previously for several years, and that was so isolating,” Chloe recalled. “Yes, we're still working from home, and there's definitely things that we do individually. But this is getting us out way more than we could sitting at a desk nine-to-five in our own home. Any loneliness aspect has definitely ceased for me.” 

Susan agreed. 

“I don’t think I would have wanted to do this alone,” she said. “Having a partner that's got the same mindset and we're striving for the same goals and we can do things together — that's what makes it work for me.” 

The Secret to Franchisee Success 

According to Susan, the key to being successful as a franchisee is using the resources that you are given. 

“There's a little bit of ‘this is my business, I want to do things my way,’ that has to balance out with ‘don't recreate the wheel,’” she said. “If it's working for everyone else, try it.”

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