Move Over Millennials, These Brands Are Capturing the Elusive Attention of Gen Z
Move Over Millennials, These Brands Are Capturing the Elusive Attention of Gen Z

Brands such as Chipotle, Chick-fil-A and Dunkin’ are making major decisions based around the younger generation.

It is no secret that younger generations develop different shopping habits than those of their parents. As Gen Z members get older and become consuming adults, brands are starting to choose carefully when deciding how to brand themselves, what sponsors to endorse and what promotions to involve themselves in to attract those ages 12 to 24. 

According to recent studies, 87% of Gen Z customers are more likely to eat at a restaurant if it has a loyalty program app. Some QSR restaurants including Chick-fil-A have taken a unique approach to this idea, opting for an “invitation-only” loyalty model in which customers are rewarded for being loyal with access to exclusive deals. 

Another unique example is Panera Bread’s card-based loyalty program, MyPanera, which includes over 21 million active users and accounts for a whopping 50% of the company’s sales. 

Chipotle recently decided to provide a hands-on-experience to appeal to the gamer-centric generation. Considering 68% of Gen Z men claim that gaming is an important part of their identity, Chipotle decided to partner with DreamHack to organize player lounges where e-sport celebrities and sponsored players could enjoy Chipotle during their breaks. 

Other brands, such as Dunkin’, have opted to re-brand stores as more mobile-minded and tech-savvy as a way to draw a younger crowd. 

Gen Z has become notorious for knowing what they want and not being afraid to show it. It appears QSR and fast-casual franchises are paying attention.