Hot New Concept My Favorite Muffin® Grows Muffin-Focused Business Through Franchising
Hot New Concept My Favorite Muffin® Grows Muffin-Focused Business Through Franchising

My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery™ plans to sell 10 locations and open 5 within the next year.

When Brian Evans began working for BAB Systems, Inc. (“BAB”), the company his father Michael founded in 1993, he was charged with bringing a fresh perspective to the 25-year old franchisor. By this time, the My Favorite Muffin brand, which BAB acquired in 1997, had about 20 nationwide locations, consisting almost entirely of the My Favorite Muffin Your All Day Bakery Café concept, with one My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery™ in Louisville, Kentucky. This location sells only muffins and coffee, but the revenue is comparable to the full cafe model, with a simpler business model, fewer employees, lower cost of goods sold and a smaller real estate footprint. Under Brian’s leadership, the next chapter in the legacy of the My Favorite Muffin brand is a strategic growth plan to become the dominant national gourmet muffin concept.

My Favorite Muffin stands out in the bakery segment because the product lends itself to more recurring occasions and dayparts, including breakfast, snacking, gifting, catering, weekly meetings and more, which provides multiple revenue streams for our franchise owners,” said Brian. “Plus, with the support of BAB as the franchisor, My Favorite Muffin franchisees can tap into more than 25 years of experience in growing franchise brands.”

In addition to CEO Michael Evans and Franchise Development Lead Brian Evans, BAB has a robust corporate support team, including Director of Marketing and Design Leslie Walters, Director of Franchise Operations and Administration Rosanne Angell and Franchise Business Consultant Robert Kazunas. Franchise owners receive hands-on training and on-call operations, technology and marketing support from this team.

“With the potential for regular sales and a high average ticket between $11 and $12, My Favorite Muffin offers the best of both worlds: proof of concept with a store that has been successful for 30 years and unlimited growth potential with the opportunity and runway to thrive,” said Brian. “The focus on one specialty product allows for more efficient and focused operations, enabling franchisees to scale quickly and easily dominate the market. Plus, My Favorite Muffin stores close at 6:00 p.m., so franchisees can be home for dinner every night with their families.”

The hours of business were attractive to My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Bakery franchise owner Susan Dean, who has owned her location in Louisville for more than 20 years. She and her husband Steve love the flexibility that the model provides, freeing up their evenings to spend time with family.

“I didn’t want to own a restaurant that closed at 10 p.m. We wanted a business where we could all have dinner together at home,” said Dean, adding that the hours of business also make it easier to hire and retain staff.

Another attractive element about My Favorite Muffin is its recurring revenue, due to its standout product and warm, welcoming environment. The proprietary batter for its cake-like muffins is prepared with soybean oil and egg whites, which are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Unlike other bakeries that sell one or two flavors of muffins, My Favorite Muffin offers up to 30 flavors daily in large and mini sizes, including the traditional Blueberry and Banana Walnut as well as decadent creations like Boston Cream Pie and Pineapple Cheesecake. Approximately 50 percent of sales come from combined catering and gifting, the latter of which includes options like gift baskets loaded with signature muffins plus flavorful coffee, tea and sweets.

“The brand’s strong unit-level economics, small real estate footprint and available territory make it a prime opportunity for multi-unit development,” said Brian. “We’re looking for franchise partners that are passionate about baking quality products, being an active member of their local community and building strong relationships with their customers.”

My Favorite Muffin is looking to play off its success in Louisville to expand out to Lexington Kentucky as well as Nashville, Tennessee. Other target states include Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Texas.

Startup costs for a My Favorite Muffin Gourmet Muffin Bakery franchise range from $243,500 to $352,500 for a full store or $100,300 to $283,700 for a satellite store. For more information, please visit http://myfavoritemuffinfranchising.com/

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