Nation’s Restaurant News: Five Technologies to Watch in 2017
Nation’s Restaurant News: Five Technologies to Watch in 2017

Digital and mobile platforms will continue to play an instrumental role in the industry going forward.

Technology innovations are driving the restaurant industry forward. From being able to order for delivery by shouting at a table top device to sending a text message of the pizza emoji and having your favorite pie show up minutes later, the traditional restaurant experience has done a complete 180. Because these types of technologies are expected to continue making waves in 2017, Nation’s Restaurant News rounded up the top five that should be on brands’ radars.

1. Amazon Echo and Google Home

In-home digital assistants—or “smart homes”—are on the ride. Platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home are giving chains the opportunity to reach a new group of customers.

2. Social Media Delivery

Brands are already trying to reach consumers on their social media platforms. So it makes sense for them to add ordering into the mix on Facebook and Twitter. Not only does the move encourage more transactions, it also boosts customer engagement.

3. Delivery-Only Restaurants

More and more consumers are ditching the traditional restaurant experience to eat in the comfort of their own homes. After the success of delivery-only brands like Ando, it’s likely that other restaurant concepts will hop on board.

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