QSRWeb.com: Rules for Posting on Brands' Social Media Platforms
QSRWeb.com: Rules for Posting on Brands' Social Media Platforms

There are lessons to be learned from Cinnabon's tweet responding to Carrie Fisher's death.

The recent news of beloved actress Carrie Fisher led to an outpouring on social media. Most social media activity focused on admiration and grieving the loss of the actress who brought Princess Leia to life in the Star Wars series, however, Cinnabon sent a Tweet replacing Leia's trademark bun hairstyle with a Cinnabon and a note that she would "...always have the best buns in the galaxy," which prompted harsh backlash throughout the social media world and in the media. How do you avoid a misstep like this in a social media world where speed is often as important as content? QSRWeb.com examined the issue in a recent article.

"I think in this case, you have to own your mistake and put out an apology. You need to be sensitive to how people may react to your post," Adam Terranova, Marketing Manager for Philly Pretzel Factory, told QSRWeb.com.

With social media, many times being first is the main focus for brands, however some restraint goes a long way in avoiding a "Tweet fail" like Cinnabon is dealing with in this case. 

"If you want to foster a creative culture, it's hard to put parameters on when to be funny and when not to be," Nick Powills, founder and CEO of No Limit Agency, told QSRWeb.com. "In a world where seconds can be the difference between winning or losing, relying on common sense in social media is probably the best option. When dealing with death or disasters, it's probably safer to not post at all versus walking the line of creativity." 

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