Local Alpharetta Business Utilizes Office Evolution Alpharetta as Co-Work Space
Local Alpharetta Business Utilizes Office Evolution Alpharetta as Co-Work Space

Steve Maul of The Semantics Group elaborates on how he landed on the Office Evolution space and how it has helped his business propel.

One of the biggest first steps of getting your business of the ground is finding the best office space. Whether leasing a space, working from home or opting for a co-work environment, a business owner has to evaluate their goals before landing on the ideal space. Maul had previously been at a Regus site with a full-time office, when he realized he needed a change. In his search for an alternative, he landed on Office Evolution Alpharetta, and never looked back.

“I had never heard of Office Evolution before, but when I visited the office space for the first time I noticed their great location and top notch facilities,” said Maul, owner of The Semantics Group. “More than anything else, the service they provide is incredible. You have Kris, the office manager who is incredible proactive to help you with anything you might need. That, paired with the flexible pricing structure, made Office Evolution a perfect match for what we were looking for.”

Office Evolution goes above and beyond a traditional co-working space. The office spaces available at each location are varied and customizable, meaning entrepreneurs, small businesses and satellite workers who are all looking for different work environments, can find a match within an Office Evolution space. Customers can either rent furnished, private offices, micro offices or dedicated workspaces in a collaborative and open environment. The pricing packages and length of each rental agreement are different, meaning that brands and people can pick the option that’s the best fit for them while also staying within their budget.

Businesses that opt for an Office Evolution space also have the option to work out of the office space on more of a part-time or full-time option, without being tied down to a permanent lease. So, for business owners like Maul, who travel 60 percent of the year, the flexible option is unbeatable.

“When I first rented an office space, I noticed that 60 percent of the time I was not sitting in it,” said Maul. “It was a huge waste of money and I was paying for somewhere to store my papers. Office Evolution allows me the ability to get my mail and packages without worrying about security, and if I need something that was delivered in the mail, they will express it to me. They take care of all of the administrative things and I have little left to worry about when it comes to the office space.”

“We have a very collaborative environment, which is a main factor that sets us apart from our competition,” said Office Evolution Area Director Andy Bean. “We cater to the small businesses and solo entrepreneurs that are looking to get their business off the ground without being nailed down to a full-time lease. And, we offer a variety of different packages to provide our clients with the best possible solutions in the perfect environment.”

Maul also uses the Office Evolution Alpharetta space as a professional environment to bring clients and colleagues to for larger meetings.

“If I have a business meeting, I like to be able to book a conference room and have the AV that I need,” said Maul. “There are refreshments, restrooms and a support staff - the Office Evolution team is able to provide whatever I need for that meeting. Sometimes I just head over to the Office Evolution space to get away from my at-home office, but still be in a comfortable work environment.”

Ultimately, the one thing Maul recognized in the co-work Office Evolution environment is the quality of employees and what they are able to deliver to him.

“At the end of the day, the service is what makes the difference,” said Maul. “Some vendors take too many of their clients for granted and they need to realize they aren’t the only option anymore.”


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