Office Leasing 101: The Ins and Outs of Finding the Perfect Space
Office Leasing 101: The Ins and Outs of Finding the Perfect Space

Office Evolution Alpharetta Owner Andy Bean dives into the benefits of a co-work office space lease.

As an entrepreneur, finding the perfect place to scale your business can be a major challenge. While you may have big ideas, you might not have a big budget. Most business owners go the route of traditional leases, or believe that is the only option. As the co-work environment continues to grow, business owners have other options on where to do their business, and when. Office Evolution Alpharetta owner Andy Bean elaborates on the benefits of signing a lease for a co-work space like Office Evolution.

Being Able to Grow with More Flexibility

In signing a traditional lease, businesses are nailed down to a certain office space for at least three years, maybe more. So, if a business were to outgrow the space, there is no flexibility to change offices before the lease runs out. When it comes to co-work environment, businesses are able to grow with much more flexibility. If they hire 5 more employees, they can scale up on the contract to find a space that fits their new size, instead of waiting for the contract to end and negotiate a new space.

No Hidden Costs or Negotiations

On the topic of negotiations, this can be the most frustrating part of finding an office space. Lease negotiations can take up to 8 months, and even at that point, can fall through if the business and leaser don’t agree on terms. Also, business owners need to be on the lookout for hidden fees they may not normally account for. If the building is not full-service, and the business owner does not realize this ahead of signing the lease, the business owner will end up paying for a lot of operating expenses at the end of the year. With a co-working office space like Office Evolution, there are no hidden costs. Business owners will know exactly what is included in the package that best fits their needs. They also do not have to negotiate terms of the lease - everything is straightforward and to the point.

Month to Month

It’s hard to know where your emerging business will be in the next five years - so why should you have to commit to a five-year lease? Or even a year lease? With a traditional lease, there is no month to month option. With a co-work office space, like Office Evolution, there is the flexibility of a month to month option. This lease flexibility appeals to business operators who have heavy travel schedules or work out of their home part time because they don’t have to worry about leasing office space that goes unused for weeks at a time. Instead, they can scale down or scale up as needed to fit the pulse of their business.


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