Palm Beach Vapors Eliminates Propylene Glycol (PG) from Vaping
Palm Beach Vapors Eliminates Propylene Glycol (PG) from Vaping

E-cigarette retail brand introduces game changer for vaping market.

Palm Beach Vapors has been a trailblazer in the vaping industry since its inception, from becoming the first e-cigarette retail brand to franchise to consistently investing in cutting-edge technology. The brand’s legacy of innovation continues with the introduction of GnuVape for the electronic cigarette market – a revolutionary vaping system that will transform the industry status quo by eliminating Propylene Glycol (PG).

Chip Paul, CEO and Co-Founder of Palm Beach Vapors, noted that GnuVape represents a monumental shift in the vaping landscape.

“The presence of PG in e-liquids has always been a controversial issue in the rapidly expanding vape industry,” Paul said. “PG is the ‘bad guy’ in e-cigs. Every negative study on e-cigs ties back to propylene glycol.”

While PG has been necessary to vaping in the past, it has also been a cause for concern regarding e-cigs’ health benefits. Now, with the launch of GnuVape, worries regarding the health effects of PG are taken out of the equation.

Palm Beach Vapor’s GnuVape technology also offers the functionality to add oils created from cannabis, probiotics, vitamins and other nutritional supplements to e-liquid, opening the door to even more valuable applications for smokers and retailers alike.

The introduction of GnuVape comes on the heels of the launch of Palm Beach Vapors’ groundbreaking M-System. The M-System was created with the purpose of improving methods for measuring and mixing cannabis oil for medical use.

“Many have been happy to use the existing systems because it takes effort and money to create a change,” Paul said. “We’re happy to lay the groundwork for the benefit of the vaping industry.”

Since debuting in 2013, Palm Beach Vapors has dedicated more than six figures to research and development.

“We will continue to innovate; we will continue to advance the health benefits of vaping and cannabis, and we will continue to add value to the market,” Paul said. “This is the best way we can provide a robust franchise system, and give our franchisees additional tools to benefit from.”

Palm Beach Vapors’ currently has franchise locations in Oklahoma, California, Florida, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Maryland and Iowa. As the e-cigarette industry continues to grow, presenting business-savvy entrepreneurs with more opportunities, the brand is looking to develop franchise locations in Alaska, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Oregon and West Virginia.