Delish.com: What to Know Before Eating at Papa Murphy's
Delish.com: What to Know Before Eating at Papa Murphy's

The leading take'n'bake pizza chain stands out in the booming industry with a unique concept and superior product.

Papa Murphy’s is a lot more than a traditional pizza restaurant.

The brand’s take’n’bake concept is completely unique in the industry—customers create their own custom pies from hand-made dough, 100 percent whole milk mozzarella and freshly chopped vegetables before taking their pizza home and baking it to perfection at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. But that’s not all pizza fans need to know before stopping by their local Papa Murphy’s for a bite to eat.

A recent article on Delish.com lists the 11 things you need to know before eating out at one of the brand’s locations. It notes that Papa Murphy’s was first named the best pizza chain in America back in 2003, and has since been recognized as the brand to beat by Zagat and the consumers’ choice awards multiple times.

Delish.com also highlights the brand’s commitment to fresh ingredients and customizable menu options, as well as its delicious appetizers and desserts.

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