Papa Murphy's, the nation's fifth-largest pizza chain, provides entrepreneurs a chance to easily and successfully break into the pizza industry
Papa Murphy's, the nation's fifth-largest pizza chain, provides entrepreneurs a chance to easily and successfully break into the pizza industry

A simple business model that does not feature any cooking or ovens is changing the approach to what makes a great pizza

When Papa Murphy’s first opened its doors 35 years ago, it did so with a mission to change the way consumers eat pizza. No longer would families have to settle for pies that got cold before they ever made it to the kitchen table—the brand made a promise to only serve piping hot pizzas created with the highest quality ingredients. That goal soon became a reality thanks to a unique take-and-bake concept that’s completely changed the fast-casual pizza game.

When consumers walk into their local Papa Murphy’s, they’re able to either order a signature pizza or craft their own unique recipe. Expert chefs build those custom entrées using fresh, hand-made dough, 100 percent whole milk mozzarella and vegetables that are sliced in-house every single day. Customers then take those creations home and pop them in the oven for 15 minutes at 425 degrees, ensuring that they’re always served hot. It’s a model that’s been praised not just by pizza lovers, but also by franchisees.

“Our take-and-bake system is unparalleled in today’s highly competitive pizza industry. That’s why we’ve been able to grow at such a fast rate,” said Jayson Tipp, chief development officer and senior vice president of technology for Papa Murphy’s. “Franchisees are able to enter our system and hit the ground running regardless of their previous restaurant experience.”

In fact, entrepreneurs don’t need to have any background in the restaurant industry to become a Papa Murphy’s franchisee. That’s because of the take-and-bake concept—the brand’s locations across the country don’t have ovens, so there’s no cooking. Franchise units don’t even have freezers because the pizzas are all made-to-order, which makes operations simpler.

“We pride ourselves on offering one of the simplest business models in all of franchising,” said Tipp. “We’re a pizza chain, but we’re not really a restaurant. It’s a unique development model that gives franchisees an opportunity to successfully grow their businesses.”

That growth is visible through the brand’s impressive list of locations. Right now, Papa Murphy’s is the fifth-largest pizza chain in the U.S. with more than 1,500 units nationwide. It’s also America’s largest take-and-bake concept.

Papa Murphy’s credits that success to the brand’s ability to cater to its franchisees’ needs. Local owners have a more flexible schedule considering restaurants are typically only open between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. It’s also an affordable model, with startup costs ranging from $279,455 to $492,441.

“When franchisees sign on to join the Papa Murphy’s team, they automatically have a leg up on the competition. Our franchising strategy and pizza concept are both unique, separating us from the pack before the doors are even open for business.”

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