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How Pet Wants Franchisees Rapidly Grow Their Businesses from Mobile to Brick-and-Mortar Locations

Launch of retail pet store and grooming center, that sells Pet Wants food along with custom treats and pet accessories, helped this franchisee grow from $5,000 in monthly sales to over $30,000.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 05/22/24

Pet Wants, the 140-unit franchise that delivers fresh, nutrient-rich pet food to its customers, is quickly becoming a household name for pet owners and franchise professionals across the U.S. In the retail franchise world, Pet Wants stands out with a unique, low-cost investment model — owners begin with mobile or event-based marketing and e-commerce sales to drive revenue before expanding into their retail location. In doing so, they focus on acquiring subscription delivery customers and building connections with local pet parents at these events. Within the first year, franchisees launch their retail pet store and grooming center that sells Pet Wants food, custom treats and high-end pet accessories. 

Joe Alnaraie, a franchisee with the brand, is a prime example of how the model can thrive. Before his venture into Pet Wants, Alnaraie had a long career in manufacturing, primarily in the automotive sector. His personal experience with a rescue dog led him to discover Pet Wants. 

"We had rescued a dog five years ago that had all types of stomach issues, so we stumbled upon Pet Wants," Alnaraie said. “We loved the product right away.”

Looking for a way to exit the B2B space and enter a more consumer-facing industry, Alnaraie began researching the Pet Wants brand and was immediately drawn to the low start-up costs and scalability. 

In October 2021, Alnaraie launched his Pet Wants mobile business in Clarkston, Michigan, selling at local farmers markets and craft shows. This approach helped him build a solid customer base and gather the funds necessary to eventually reach his real dream —  a full-scale retail operation. 

"The mobile store allowed us to give up that steady paycheck of our previous jobs,” said Alnaraie. “From there, we could move forward and just focus on Pet Wants.”

About a year and a half into operating the mobile location, an unexpected need in his own life prompted Alnaraie to realize just how much more he could be offering his community through Pet Wants.

“We actually got a second dog who required grooming,” Alnaraie said. “It was incredibly hard to find someone qualified to do that. We even tried to do it ourselves a few times! Then, we had an aha moment. If we open a store, we can offer good quality grooming as well as retail products.”

So, in late 2023, Alnaraie officially opened his Pet Wants retail store in Clarkston, offering a combination of retail products, self-wash and grooming. He also still operates the mobile business for farmers markets and local events. All in all, his business has grown from $5,000-per-month in sales to over $30,000-per-month, thanks to the brick-and-mortar store. 

“I am at the retail store most days and I love interacting with people — I don't know why, but I really do love retail! People come in with their dogs, and the dogs are happy to be there, which makes the owners happy to be there,” said Alnaraie. “It's a great feeling to spend your days making people happy.”

Overall, Alnaraie’s story highlights how the Pet Wants model is designed to help entrepreneurs grow not only fast, but smart. By leveraging community connections, brand recognition and a robust support system, the Pet Wants franchise offers a scalable pathway to success in the pet industry.

Starting a Pet Wants franchise requires an initial investment that ranges between $137,850 and $219,000, including a franchise fee of $48,500. However, the potential for high returns is substantial. According to the Item 19 of Pet Wants’ 2023 franchise disclosure document, the top quartile of Pet Wants franchises reported an average ROI of $1,103,304. Additionally, franchisees benefit from the "Winner's Circle" program, which incentivizes reaching revenue benchmarks that can earn back the initial franchise fee investment over the first four years.

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