Pool Scouts can help owners host fun – and safe – pool parties
Pool Scouts can help owners host fun – and safe – pool parties

National Water Safety Month serves as reminder to pool owners that the proper precautions need to be taken to ensure the utmost safety for families

Pool safety can never just be a recommendation; it needs to be a requirement. Pool Scouts can help keep pool owners safe in their backyards, especially as they observe National Water Safety Month in May and throughout the summer.

Not only does May typically mark the start of pool season, it’s also National Water Safety Month.

The month serves as a reminder to pool owners that the proper precautions need to be taken to ensure the utmost safety for families, especially children. Pool Scouts is a leader in pool cleaning and maintenance and trains its franchisees and technicians to be informed about pool safety as part of the brand standards.

Tiffiny Consoli was the brand’s first-ever franchisee, so she has been trained to guide pool owners on pool and water safety.

 “There are some simple ways that we suggest pool owners can make sure they head into this pool season safely,” Consoli said.

For example, in some states, residential pools require fences and gates to enclose the pool area. Homeowners typically abide by these regulations upon pool installation, but it’s important to remember to keep fences latched and in good condition in the days, months, and years moving forward.

Additionally, pool owners need to be diligent about keeping an eye on their pool grounds. Flotation devices should be securely stored away when not in use. The temptation for children to grab the nearest, most colorful floatie and leap into the water is too great. Owners must know and communicate when the pool is open and when it’s closed. That means if it’s closed, it’s closed for everyone; when it’s open, pool owners can ill afford to neglect having one eye on the water at all times.

“No matter the skill level of the person in the water, pool owners need to know what to do when a swimmer is in danger or drowning.” Consoli said.

Simple steps like keeping safety equipment like pool hooks, flotation devices and first aid kits around the pool area as well as pool owners being CPR certified is also wise.

Pool Scouts is an emerging franchise system that keeps up with events and activities within the industry, like the statistics associated with dangers of pools, to improve the brand’s services. Backed by Buzz Franchise Brands, Pool Scouts is growing aggressively across the country. They’ve added locations most recently in New Jersey and in Florida, in addition to their existing sites in Texas and North Carolina.

National Water Safety Month provides a reminder that now that pools are open, owners need to take the time and care to make sure their pools are well-maintained and armed with the tools to make their summer parties both fun and safe. 

“Our growing franchise system is committed to providing the best pool service for homeowners across the country,” said President Michael Wagner. “When we enter a new territory, we provide our customers with safety tips in addition to quality pool maintenance, to ensure they can enjoy the outdoors at home.”