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Pool Scouts Looks to Expand in Nashville, Tennessee After One Franchisee’s Wild Success Since Opening in the Southern State

Pool Scouts is proving that its pool cleaning and maintenance services thrive even in seasonal markets thanks to the brand’s success in the Music City.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 12/09/19

With more than 10 million residential pools in the U.S., there’s a major need for high-quality pool-keeping services. Since 2016, Pool Scouts has been making a splash in the industry by offering a refreshing take on pool cleaning and maintenance that provide its customers with a level of professionalism and technology unparalleled in today’s market. So you can enjoy swimming and belly-flopping into a clean pool of water, Pool Scouts is there to do the dirty work. Currently, the franchise has 28 open locations spread across seven states with an aggressive growth strategy to add more—and, as 2020 approaches, the premier pool maintenance brand’s city of focus is none other than Nashville, Tennessee. 

Pool Scouts franchisee Kinsey McCutchen opened her first Pool Scouts location in Memphis, Tennessee in April of 2018. Since, she’s had significant success in retaining customers, generating customer growth and managing her staff. Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner commends McCutchen for the impressive revenue she’s generated within only two seasons of business.

“Kinsey is a fantastic operator and she understands how to run an efficient business,” said Wagner. “She’s already serviced over 245 customers this year and retains 70% of customers—she’s a fabulous leader and a prime example of a star franchisee.”

Although Memphis is about 200 miles southeast of Nashville, Wagner believes that Pool Scouts is a necessary service for Tennessee’s capital because of the city’s rapid growth in terms of population and the construction of new homes with pools. The three key factors that make Nashville a prime market for Pool Scouts according to Wagner are the amount of high-concentrated territories, future growth trends and the key demographic of single-family homes.

Because Nashville’s temperatures do drop low when the winter months roll around, homeowners will typically close their pools. Prior to closing customer’s pools for the winter, Pool Scouts will remove debris from the pool, lower the water to the appropriate level and add wintering chemicals as needed to prep the pool for colder weather. 

“Nashville offers the perfect blend of seasonal and year-round services,” said Wagner. “There’s a great opportunity on the seasonal side of the business in Nashville because we’re opening and closing pools at the beginning and end of the season—that’s why I refer to markets such as Nashville a ‘bookend’ market. If we close a pool, we’re most likely going to be back to open that same pool. This type of market is a great way to build and maintain customer relationships.”

McCutchen agrees that “areas such as Nashville and Memphis are great cities for Pool Scouts due to the weather where some customers keep their pools open year round and others open and close their pools seasonally.”

There’s no better time to become a Pool Scouts franchisee than now, according to Wagner and McCutchen. Wagner says that franchisees who come on board now will be trained, prepped and ready to launch their business come pool-opening season in 2020. Since the brand is in its early stages of development, McCutchen is excited to be a part of growing Pool Scouts from the ground up and provide her honest feedback on what’s working and suggest ideas that could further benefit the franchise.

”Pool Scouts franchisees are growing and offering more and more pool owners the opportunity to swim-happy,” said Wagner. “Nashville provides a great opportunity for a potential franchise owner and we’re excited at the prospect of expanding into the area.”

Typical startup costs for purchasing a Pool Scouts franchise range from $57,600-$108,375, with an average initial investment of $95,000. For more information on franchising opportunities with Pool Scouts, please visit

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