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Pool Scouts Provides Valuable Opportunity Through Low Start-Up Cost

Due to a lower risk behind the initial investment, Pool Scouts is becoming a popular choice for first-time entrepreneurs

By Adam Musto
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 08/08/17

For emerging brands like Pool Scouts, it’s important to stand out in the industry with differentiators that will appeal to prospects. For the premier pool service brand launched in 2016, a low start-up cost is a selling point that benefits both the franchisor and its present and future franchisees.

With costs significantly lower than most franchises, particularly due to low initial staffing needs and no necessity to build out a retail space, Pool Scouts is a popular choice for budding entrepreneurs. The average investment range for Pool Scouts is between $54,500 and $98,000 – less than the six figures usually involved for a majority of brands.

"Pool Scouts provides a great opportunity for people who are looking for a business that is low-cost, yet provides a high return on investment,” Jodi Ramoino, Pool Scouts Director of Franchise Development said. “Our franchisees can get started for under $100,000 and the brand provides a recurring revenue model in an extremely fragmented market.”

There are 10.6 million pools in the U.S., but for homeowners, the cleaning and maintenance required can prove expensive and tiresome. It’s easy to forgot everything that goes into keeping a pool in tip-top shape after making the decision to install or purchase one.

Pool Scouts offers ongoing service for its customers to enjoy time spent outdoors relaxing in the pool, rather than burdensome hours cleaning it. The brand’s “Scouts” provide maintenance and water testing as well as keep pool owners informed about the impact of treatments. For franchisees, this allows the benefit of maintaining a consistent customer base through a recurring revenue model.

Additionally, flexibility for franchisees is a huge draw for the brand. Some owners get into the business to enjoy the freedom of being their own boss year-round, while others use it as a seasonal or second business, since they can work from a home office and save costs without a need for a brick-and-mortar store.

"Pool Scouts offers the opportunity for a home-based business,” Pool Scouts Marketing Manager Gwen Marsh said. “Removing the need for a physical location allows franchisees to keep costs down, especially in first season as the business ramps up."

Due to the low-cost investment, the brand is building a system of franchisees from all walks of life. For example, some previously worked for independently owned pool companies in the industry, while others have no previous experience with the specific service. The brand provides excellent training and ongoing guidance for franchisees to ensure that they become experts in the field before beginning service.  

“Pool owners are hungry for a reliable pool cleaning service who they can not only trust to be in their backyards but know that we will return every week to keep their pools sparkling clean and cannon ball ready,” Ramoino said.

With locations in North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Florida and New Jersey, Pool Scouts is growing fast looking for franchisees to continue brand growth and meet the needs of homeowners across the country. More information about franchise opportunities is available here. 





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