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Pool Scouts Seeks New Locations to Meet Growing Demand for Pool Maintenance Services

Emerging franchise concept notices inconsistencies in maintenance and repair services, aims to make an impact

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSORED 11:11AM 09/15/17

With more than 10 million residential pools in the United States, there is a high demand for pool maintenance and repair services nationwide. In fact, the industry’s demand is continuing to grow. According to Pool and Spa News, in-ground pool construction was up 7.7% in the second quarter of 2017 over the previous year. And yet, finding trustworthy technicians that offer high-quality service for pool care can still be a challenge.

Many pool care companies are small, privately owned operations, creating some inconsistencies in service across the board. These businesses also often struggle with marketing and organically growing a customer base without a recognizable brand image. Understanding that there is an opportunity to take what is traditionally thought of as a mom and pop style business and improve the quality of service by turning it into an incredible franchise opportunity, Pool Scouts was founded and is continuing to take the nation by storm with its unique concept.

“Competition in this segment is limited, particularly in relation to concepts that offer a similar amount of structure and support like Pool Scouts,” said Director of Operations Todd Crowe. “We offer our owners a proven model, a corporate team to help further their growth and success, and consistent branding. The type of service we provide our franchisees and our customers is rare.”

Pool Scouts has contracted 11 territories since it began franchising in 2016, developing in target growth markets like Sarasota, Austin and Raleigh. The brand is currently looking at expansion opportunities in California, Arizona and New York, where the number of pools per capita is high but the quality of service remains low.

“Pool Scouts has sparked growth in three new markets in 2017 and now aims to have 129 locations by 2020 by continuing to target markets nationwide with a high pool presence,” said Crowe. “Cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles are particularly attractive as we continue to establish our franchise concept because there is a clear demand. We’re looking for exceptional franchisees in those markets to join our growing system.”

By offering costs that are significantly lower than those of most franchises, Pool Scouts has become a popular choice. The average investment range for Pool Scouts is between $54,500 and $98,000 as there is no brick and mortar location required and staffing needs are low. These differentiators also help get a location up-and-running quickly.

“We recently celebrated the signing of our second Florida-based franchisees, who are training now to open in 2018,” according to Crowe. “With more passionate entrepreneurs expected to join our team in the near future, we hope to use this offseason to prepare for a strong next year.”

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