Taking a Stand for National Water Safety Month
Taking a Stand for National Water Safety Month

Pool Scouts stresses the importance of pool education throughout the month of May

Every May, organizations across the country celebrate the need for ongoing public education on safer water practices through National Water Safety Month – a time dedicated to the importance and need for better pool education to help prevent drowning and other water-related injuries.

Virginia Beach-based pool maintenance company, Pool Scouts, is going above and beyond this year with their commitment to the safety of their customers and communities by taking the time to properly educate homeowners on how to keep their family and pets safe. Throughout the month, they will be offering tips, promoting safe swimming rules and hosting giveaways to help raise awareness for an important cause.

“As our concept expands into new markets nationwide, it’s important for our company to do our part locally to protect the communities we serve,” said Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner. “We ensure that our franchisees and their staff are properly trained on safety best practices and know that they’re passing this wisdom onto their customers. This month simply serves as a reminder that although pools are a wonderful addition to any home, there are risks involved if they are not maintained properly.”

To further educate new and existing customers, Pool Scouts will be posting safety tips on their social media pages accompanied by a contest giving away a free pool cleaning and four free tickets to a local water park. To help prevent common problems and to emphasize the importance of water safety, they’ll also be offering step by step tutorials through emails, pamphlets and conversations in person and over the phone.

“Pool safety is a top priority for our brand, and we’re consistently working on new and creative ways to spread that message as we head into pool season,” said Gwen Marsh, Pool Scouts Marketing Manager. “We know that our customers choose to get their content in different ways, whether that’s through blogs, social media, email or newsletters, and hope that they’ll take the time to make this season a safe one.”

So how can homeowners do their part heading into the warmer summer months to prepare? Educating yourself on the basics is a great place to start. For those using the pool entertaining, make sure that it’s always supervised. Whether there are children or dogs running around outside, it’s easy to get distracted and lose sight of those you love. Consider installing a gate to prevent anyone from jumping in when you’re not there to monitor and finally, learn how to swim! A pool that’s three feet deep or ten feet deep can still pose a threat to those that don’t know the fundamentals. No matter what your age, learning how to swim is the safest and most effective safety method.

For more tips and information on National Water Safety Month, visit https://poolscouts.com/ or http://www.nationalwatersafetymonth.org/.