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Top Reasons Why Pool Closures Create a Lucrative Business Opportunity for Pool Scouts Franchisees

Winter maintenance means big business for leading pool service & repair franchise

By Jill Walsh
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 12/18/17

When the temperature drops, homeowners have more on their mind than how to properly close their pool for the season. But not dedicating the right amount of time and taking the proper precautions can lead to damages and costly repairs when it’s time to open back up in the spring. As a result, the experts at Pool Scouts have become the reliable choice for pool owners.

It’s a common misconception that seasonal businesses don’t rake in revenue during the offseason but in fact, closing season is a busy time of year for Pool Scouts and helps build end-of-year cash flow for the following year. So what’s driving this revenue? Well for starters, pool closures are a great opportunity to upsell customers who may be looking at some home improvements, such as a system upgrade to make their pool more energy efficient or incorporating a salt water pool system rather than traditional chlorine.

“We know that if we can deliver a closing that surpasses our customer’s standards, they are more likely to call us back to open their pool in the spring,” said Tiffiny Consoli, franchise owner of Pool Scouts of the Triangle.

Another large revenue driver is safety cover replacements, which can range from $2,500 to $4,500.

“Typically, our customer’s covers have been sitting in a shed or a garage throughout the summer months, creating rips and tears from lack of use. Because of this, most owners choose to wait until the winter to replace those torn covers,” according to Todd Crowe, director of operations.

Pool Scouts also sees a boost in new business during the closing season from customers that weren’t servicing their pools properly during the summer months, giving Pool Scouts a chance to gain return customers.

“At Pool Scouts, we see closings as a great opportunity to impress and delight our customers by being thorough and delivering on our promise of great service,” said Consoli. “We ensure the equipment is safe for the winter and that the cover is placed properly and pulled tightly across the pool.”

It’s important to properly winterize pool equipment to help promote its longevity – cutting costs when it comes time open again. It’s uncommon for a homeowner to have the necessary tools on hand, but the technicians at Pool Scouts are well-equipped to provide the best treatment possible.

“It requires special equipment to blow out the lines of a pool,” said Consoli. “If a pump, filter or heater isn’t drained properly, it could lead to frozen damaged pipes and ultimately cost a homeowner much more to fix than it would if they’d taken the time to close it properly.”

Homeowners want reliable and affordable service to ensure their pools are ready for the next season – and Pool Scouts’ technicians are there to help, creating a lucrative business opportunity for franchisees.

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