Why Investing in a Seasonal Company During the Off-Season Can Really Pay Off
Why Investing in a Seasonal Company During the Off-Season Can Really Pay Off

How Pool Scouts is capitalizing on high demand for quality pool maintenance services by setting up for spring and summer success

As fall settles in and temperatures drop, the next summer may seem like a lifetime away. But, when it comes to a summer seasonal franchise, the opposite is true. In fact, for the growing service franchise Pool Scouts, fall holds a major opportunity to preserve one of the things we love most about summer: the pool. 

It’s critical for homeowners to close their pools properly for the winter to prevent damage from the winter freeze. That preparation also makes it much easier when it comes time to open the pool the following year. Seasonal weather changes also mean big business for Pool Scouts, and sales spike during pool opening and closing months.

“Our busiest times of year tend to be the early spring and late fall months when our customers might not know the proper steps to take in order to open and close their pool, but want to ensure that their investment is taken care of to avoid costly repairs,” said Pool Scouts Director of Operations Todd Crowe. “Tasks like blowing out the lines, winterizing the water chemistry and properly installing a safety cover are crucial in preventing equipment damage and cracked pipes during the winter months but aren’t always the steps that are followed by homeowners. That’s where Pool Scouts technicians can offer a helping hand.”

In order to get each franchise fully staffed and technicians trained prior to the busy spring season, the brand is currently seeking qualified prospects to join its growing system. Pool Scouts is already ramping up for 2018, with locations expected to sign on in key markets across the country before the end of 2017. The brand celebrated an opening in Sarasota this year and is preparing to open in Pensacola in early 2018, proving that warmer climate markets can pay dividends year-round.

“With milder winter weather in places like Florida, families are consistently looking for ways to maintain their pools for year-round use,” said Pool Scouts President Michael Wagner. “We’re eager to get the Sarasota location up and running due to the increased demand for pool maintenance services in the state and are looking to further growth throughout Florida to meet the growing demand.” 

Due to low initial staffing needs and the luxury of operating as a home-based business, investing in a Pool Scouts franchise has a low franchise fee of just $7,500. The cost of the van needed to service customers is $8,000 plus an additional $6,000 for tools, chemicals and equipment. The average total initial investment of a Pool Scouts franchise is $74,000.

While Pool Scouts sees year-round interest in its franchise opportunity in temperate weather markets like Arizona, California and Texas, the brand shows no signs of slowing down even in colder climates. That’s because franchisees who invest in Pool Scouts during the off-season have the opportunity to garner extra income from other opportunities during the down-time, while also setting the business up the right way. By completing their training process during the off-season and ensuring staff is hired and ready to go, these franchisees are prepared to truly dive headfirst into successful operation once the temperatures heat up.