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Why Winter Is a Great Time to Join Pool Scouts

Pools may not be on your mind during the winter months, but starting a Pool Scouts franchise in the winter allows for a strong foundation when prime pool season starts.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 01/19/24

Pool Scouts, the 100-plus territory pool cleaning, maintenance and repair franchise, is wrapping up 2023 with incredible numbers. While the wintertime might not seem, at first glance, like the best time to start considering a seasonal business, the franchisor encourages prospective franchisees to reach out during the colder months. This allows them to complete due diligence, secure funding and fully onboard right in time to launch the business in line with prime pool season.

“A lot of times, I’m not in my pool or thinking about it in the winter, but we see a huge flood come March. That’s really the gateway to our revenue months,” said Dave Warn, vice president of franchise development at Buzz Franchise BrandsPool Scouts’ parent franchisor. “March, April, May, June, then into the summer. We get an influx of new customers, especially in cold weather markets where people have their pools closed and winterized, and they have to get them open. People want their pool open yesterday.”

Warn added that, in many markets, there is an opportunity to step in and secure repeat revenue opportunities at the start of the season that will carry on for another seven or eight months. In warmer markets, this can launch a year-round relationship.

“You see people go from doing it themselves over the winter to actually reaching out to companies like us,” added Warn. “As the weather starts to warm, pools get serviced more frequently. Someone might want to go from a monthly service to a weekly one. Both the amount and frequency of service go up.”

Charlie Hook, a Pool Scouts franchisee who secured his territory in January 2021, explained that he was concerned that the timing of his launch might set him up for overwhelming demand in his community, but this wasn’t the case either. Starting conversations during the holiday season and securing the business in January allowed him to be prepared to service customers in early spring when interest began budding, and he became acquainted with the business landscape and operations without an overwhelming number of inquiries.

“Assuming I was going to do the same thing again, the timing was right,” said Hook. “My business launched in April, and it took time to get the business set up in the area. You’ll need to send mailers and get your name out on the internet. As business ramps up, there will be some spike, but it won’t be like a firehose.”

For Hook, business began really ramping up in June, and this had given him enough time to lay a strong foundation for the business, learn everything he would need to know and hire and train a team member, meaning he was able to pay attention to and do a great job at every call.

Pool Scouts has observed a similar pattern in customer demand over the years, and Warn explained that the strength of the model and start-in-the-winter timing is only increasing.

“We’ve seen a huge spike — a 24% increase — in the number of pools that are being put in post-pandemic, but there are also a lot of aging pools that need some TLC. We’ve gotten into some of the heavy lifting where we’re doing safety cover installations and liner replacements, and that is summertime work, as well,” said Warn. “Demand isn’t just about the number of pools being put in. It’s about aging pools, new pools, pools in the markets you think of like Vegas, Phoenix and Florida, and pools in the colder-weather markets like Pennsylvania, Iowa and Connecticut. There are pools across the country that will need to be serviced this spring and summer, and starting conversations with Pool Scouts now will help you to make sure you’re operational in time to catch that wave.”

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