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Poolwerx's Strategic Expansion Has Led the Brand Into Three New States, Reaching Over 400 Units Globally

Poolwerx's impressive growth is the result of strategic market expansion and the rise of multi-unit ownership, as well as frustrated pool owners who are driven to become franchisees.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 05/29/24

Poolwerx, the world’s largest pool repair, maintenance and retail franchise with 400-plus units across 3 countries, has long been a strong player in the Sun Belt region of the U.S. However, this year marks the brand’s significant strides into new territories. 1851 Franchise spoke with CEO Andrew Kidd to learn more about the strategy behind Poolwerx’s recent impressive growth. 

Poolwerx hit the ground running in 2024 and shows no signs of slowing down, with deals opening 16 new territories and expansion into North Carolina, Colorado and Indiana. With these new additions, Poolwerx has officially surpassed 400 territories globally. In addition, the brand has expanded with five new brick-and-mortar retail stores this year and has 10 more in the pipeline.

What’s the secret to the brand’s rapid expansion? Targeting untapped markets, specifically outside of the Sun Belt, that have a need for pool services. This strategic expansion into non-traditional markets is proving to be a gold mine for the company. 

"What we're seeing as we launch into new markets, away from our traditional home in the Sun Belt, is that there's just as much, if not more, opportunity there," Kidd said. 

The demand is apparent because many of the individuals who are becoming franchisees are pool owners who are frustrated with their current pool maintenance options (or lack thereof). 

“There is a lot of opportunity to organize the disorganized sector that is the pool industry,” Kidd said. “Many people in these markets are dissatisfied with the services currently available, and so they are actually becoming franchisees themselves to fill the gap in their own market.” 

Many pool owners, frustrated with the lack of reliable providers, find Poolwerx's franchise model an appealing solution to their problems. They also know that other pool owners in their area are in need of all that Poolwerx has to offer.

However, not every pool owner can become a franchisee. Part of Poolwerx’s success lies in its ability to select and partner with the right entrepreneurs. 

"We have a strong approval process, ensuring that candidates have leadership ability, adequate capital and relevant experience," Kidd said. 

Once a prospective franchisee makes it through the approval process, the brand has a robust system in place to support the new business. This rigorous vetting process and the support structure ensure that new franchisees are well-prepared to succeed and that consumers can always expect the highest quality of service from their local Poolwerx. 

Multi-Unit Ownership

Another interesting trend contributing to Poolwerx's growth is the rise of multi-unit ownership. Kidd explained that the franchise has seen an influx of franchisees who are looking to diversify their existing business: “We are starting to see some people who owned franchises in other home services spaces adding the pool sector to their portfolio.” 

These franchisees recognize the value in branching out into a related but distinct sector, especially given the growing number of pools being installed in people’s backyards during the COVID pandemic. According to Kidd, between 70,000 and 120,000 in-ground pools are being built each year in the U.S.

Moreover, Poolwerx provides franchisees multiple revenue streams; it encompasses both service and retail. 

"We're not just a service business. We are service and retail, which means we can service the entire market," Kidd said.

This dual approach allows Poolwerx to cater to both DIY pool owners who prefer to buy the products and tend to their own pools and to those who prefer professional services.

Maintaining Momentum

Poolwerx is aware that it needs to grow responsibly to be successful in the long term and is planning accordingly to support its growing franchise system. 

“We're ensuring we provide balanced corporate support to maintain the growth momentum,” Kidd said. 

This proactive approach will help manage the balance between rapid growth and quality service, ensuring that the company's high standards are upheld across locations.

Poolwerx's impressive growth can be attributed to strategic market expansion, multi-unit ownership and the empowerment of frustrated pool owners to become franchisees. The company's robust support system and dual-service retail model further bolster its position as a leader in the pool service industry.

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