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How Preservan Wood Rot Repair Saved Homeowners $5 Million with Eco-Smart Solutions

The emerging brand’s unique 100% epoxy wood rot solution is centered around a simple, yet groundbreaking concept —why replace the wood when you can repair it?

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 01/16/24

There is no doubt that the world of home services is moving towards sustainability — a massive 92% of homeowners report they are focused on finding more sustainable ways to elevate their living spaces, with over 50% reporting that saving money is a top priority within that focus. And as these homeowners seek innovative and eco-friendly solutions to issues like wood rot and deterioration, Preservan is emerging as a true pioneer. 

At the heart of Preservan's approach is a unique 100% epoxy solution, which allows for wood repair, rather than replacement. From repairing the wood of windows and doors to columns, siding and trim, Preservan offers homeowners a solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. And the skeptics out there need look no further than the numbers — Preservan saved homeowners a whopping $5 million in 2023 alone.

Turning a Passion into a Nationwide Brand

The Preservan epoxy method was dreamt up by founder Ty McBride, a seasoned expert in construction and home services.

“I've been in the construction and home service industries for about 20 years, but around seven years ago, I started restoring wood windows in my garage,” said McBride. “I live in a house that's 110 years old, and I got turned on to some awesome repair methods that the National Park Service uses, like epoxy resins.”

Soon, McBride began talking to his neighbors and quickly realized that he may have stumbled onto a million dollar idea — affordable and efficient wood rot repair. 

“We could repair a lot of wood-related problems like rot, termites and other deterioration, instead of replacing the wood, which saves people a ton of time and money," McBride said. “Hiring contractors is a hassle, and a lot of our neighbors were stressed about unreliable service and high costs.”

So, McBride started Preservan Wood Rot Repair in Oklahoma City, spending the next five years growing the business and eventually expanding it to include four additional locations across the country — Tulsa, Orlando, Greensboro and Nashville. 

How Does Preservan Do It?

While there is no shortage of home service providers, Preservan distinguishes itself with a truly unique, efficient and cost-effective approach to wood rot repair, McBride says. 

“Homeowners often face the frustration of long lead times and unresponsiveness from contractors, coupled with the daunting prospect of costly replacements for wood rot,” said  McBride. “Preservan offers a refreshing alternative: a repair solution that is not only rapid and reliable, but also significantly more affordable than traditional replacement methods.”

Preservan’s actual repair technique is both meticulous and innovative, McBride says, involving a four-step process designed to guarantee a permanent and aesthetically pleasing result. This process begins with a targeted treatment of areas affected by wood rot and decay, followed by the injection of a structural consolidant into softened wood. Next, a moldable epoxy is applied and formed into a rough shape, which is then sculpted into an invisible repair once hardened. 

Preservan's repair Kias are always equipped with essential materials like wood hardening and clay epoxy, McBride says, enabling the team to commence repair services promptly. 

“This preparation ensures that most repair jobs can be started immediately and completed within a week, a stark contrast to the usual lengthy wait times associated with replacements,” said McBride. “This approach not only saves homeowners time but also spares them from hidden fees and the inconvenience of prolonged repair processes.”

Preservan is also the exclusive supplier of Everesin, the only wood rot repair system with a 10-year guarantee in the United States.

Preserving the Past, Saving the Future

While cost savings are great, McBride says Preservan's mission is about more than just helping the individual homeowner — it's about saving the world at large. 

The brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in every aspect of its service, McBride says. Through a partnership with 1% For the Planet, for example, Preservan contributes a portion of its revenue to environmental causes. Moreover, the company’s efficient use of resources and minimized waste production aligns with its eco-friendly ethos. 

“Our mission is deeply rooted in sustainability and community service,” McBride said. “By repairing instead of replacing, we're not only saving homeowners time and money but also contributing to a healthier planet by reducing resource consumption.”

Looking to the future, Preservan aims to expand its reach to more markets, particularly focusing on areas with a high demand for wood rot remediation. McBride's vision includes bringing Preservan’s unique blend of environmental responsibility and customer-centric service to every major metro market in the U.S., especially in regions with significant wood deterioration challenges like the Southeast.

"Preservan is not just about fixing doors and windows — it's about restoring peace of mind and preserving the beauty of your home," said McBride. “We understand the value of your time and the sentimental worth of your home's unique features. That's why we've developed a process that ensures quick, reliable and aesthetically pleasing repairs, allowing you to cherish the memories and heritage of your home without the burden of excessive costs or prolonged waiting periods. At Preservan, we want to preserve each and every home's unique past, while also focusing on a brighter future for the planet.”

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