Standing Up: Pretty in Paint Parties Launches New Partnership to Fight Back Against Cancer | 1851 Franchise
Standing Up: Pretty in Paint Parties Launches New Partnership to Fight Back Against Cancer
Standing Up: Pretty in Paint Parties Launches New Partnership to Fight Back Against Cancer

Charitable giving an integral part of franchise's business model

There are few causes more personal than cancer.

These days, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched in some way by the devastating disease, whether by family, friends or even a personal battle. But, there are so many stories of survivors that serve as inspiration to those fighting back. And, that sense of unity is one of the major reasons why Pretty in Paint Parties Founders Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges are so passionate about the cause, partnering with Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) to help raise funds to raise awareness and support research for those working to find a cure.

Stand Up To Cancer was founded in 2008 as the brainchild of nine women from the entertainment and media worlds, based on little more than the promise of an hour of free airtime from three major networks and a fierce determination to do something new in the fight against cancer. The co-founders consulted with a group of scientists, who devised the basic construct, including collaborative team research performed by investigators at different institutions and in different disciplines, grants with dollar amounts sizable enough to make an impact, and a mandate that the research must benefit patients within the three-year term of the grants. In the nine years since its founding, SU2C has become a multifaceted, fundraising, research-funding movement that is making a true impact in patients’ lives.

For Courtney, the cause is personal. She has been involved with SU2C for years after attending a telethon for SU2C with her husband where she met Rusty Robertson, one of the SU2C co-founders. Last year, the two hatched the idea to get Pretty in Paint Parties involved in the cause.

“We have been passionate about Stand Up to Cancer from the very beginning, because of their core mission is to help people become survivors,” Courtney said. “Cancer touches everyone, and SU2C’s support branches out to every type of cancer. Contributions to SU2C help doctors, made up of dream teams, continue their research as a joint force to find the best resources and best possible solution to finding a cure.”

Pretty in Paint Parties came to SU2C in hopes of collaborating on a shared campaign, because charitable giving is an integral part of Pretty in Paint Parties’ business model. With Pretty in Paint Parties’ help, SU2C is saving lives, and collaboration is at the heart of Stand Up To Cancer’s mission. SU2C brings together the best and the brightest researchers to accelerate the discovery and delivery of new and better therapies to patients battling all cancer types. The non-profit is grateful for the support it receives from collaborators and corporate donors that help SU2C raise awareness and funds to further its groundbreaking research.

Pretty in Paint Parties offers two unique ways to support SU2C.

Any of Pretty in Paint’s parties can be turned into a Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser, with $15 from each party guest going directly to SU2C. Guests who can’t attend a party but still want to support the cause can order the official Stand Up To Cancer 18″ wooden arrow in a box from Paint Party Boxes and $10 will be donated to SU2C. Each box comes with brushes, paints, and glitter, so each arrow can be uniquely painted with a personal touch or message.

Pretty in Paint’s campaign to support SU2C will run through the end of 2018. With Pretty In Paint Parties’ help, SU2C is making more cancer patients survivors and saving lives now.

“We are already starting to hear from customers, and they are so passionate about this cause,” Courtney said. “Over the last week alone, we’ve helped to organize some big events to help support SU2C, and two people called me recently to ask how they could help further. Both had loved ones affected with cancer, so this truly is a personal thing for so many people, and we’re so proud to be a part of it.”