QSR Magazine: How Starbucks Took Its Drive Thru to the Next Level
QSR Magazine: How Starbucks Took Its Drive Thru to the Next Level

The coffee giant made improvements to its drive thrus in an effort to make consumer experiences consistent both in and outside of its stores.

There’s no doubt that Starbucks is at the forefront of the
quick service industry—the brand’s global comparable sales grew by four percent
in its fiscal third quarter alone. Part of that growth is due to the brand’s
reinvention of its drive thru service.

A recent article in QSR Magazine notes how Starbucks’ drive thrus were nothing special when they were first built. But now, the brand is innovating the entire drive thru concept, from new mobile payment methods to online ordering systems. That turnaround began when Starbucks ordered an audit of its Seattle area drive thrus and realized that they needed to cater to their customers when building and executing drive thru operations.

In order to make its drive thrus more accessible and convenient for customers, Starbucks began launching a variety of new features. Right now, the brand is testing digital baristas, which are screens that allow customers to interact with their baristas via two-way video. Starbucks is also allowing customers to pay with their smartphones when they go through a drive thru.

Ultimately, Starbucks’ drive thrus are successful because they are a direct extension of the brand. That consistency in consumer experiences will continue to grow as Starbucks opens more dive thrus at locations across the country.

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