QSR Magazine: The Future is Caffeinated at Dunkin’. Here’s Why
QSR Magazine: The Future is Caffeinated at Dunkin’. Here’s Why

The brand will work to increase afternoon sales through new menu innovations and the promotion of its DD Perks Loyalty program.

Dunkin' Donuts has been successful in increasing both sales and traffic during the morning hours. Now, according to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand's latest goal is to win over the afternoon crowd as well. Dunkin' unveiled a series of initiatives designed to help achieve this goal as well as the larger goal of reaching 18,000 units by 2020. 

One way the brand will target an afternoon audience is through menu updates. Dunkin' plans to introduce several new espresso drinks in the near future. The brand will also work to remove synthetic dyes from its products by the end of 2018. 

The company will continue to promote its loyalty program as well. The program, known as DD Perks Loyalty, currently has over 8 million members. One way that the brand keeps consumers actively using the program is by restricting mobile ordering to members.  

The brand has experienced an uptick in sales following its move to focus attention on beverages. Morning sales have picked significantly compared to the last two years and the brand anticipates an overall growth of same-sales growth of 1 percent in 2018. 

“Together with [our franchisees], we are laser-focused on bringing about transformative change at Dunkin' that both builds on our heritage yet also updates our offerings and in-store experience to keep our brand modern, relevant, and positioned for long-term growth," said president David Hoffman.

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