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QSR: Millennial's are the Future of Franchising

As the generation ages in to the professional world, brand's court the younger generation as franchisees.

With their heavy spending and discerning taste, Millennials have long been sought after as QSR customers, but as the generation becomes professionals, they may be the future of franchising themselves. Franchisors are prime to capitalize on this younger generations potential, says QSR Magazine.

Wing Zone franchisee Sal Rehman owns two locations with more in development. He opened his first at age 27 after helping his family out int heir diner growing up. He was drawn to the brand's business model.

"The look and feel was right,” he told QSR. “Some franchises are not flexible, but with Wing Zone, it’s more of a partnership. If franchisees have something we think we can improve on, they take that into consideration.”

Millennials are known to approach business opportunities prudently. The generation puts a high premium on authenticity and accessibility to successfully court these blossoming business titans.

While technology and lending programs geared towards this generation have attracted Millennials, it's the business model itself that really hooks savvy young entrepreneurs. 

“Personally, I’m not a chef,” Rehman said to the publication. “I have a passion for business and the food industry, not for cooking. I told my family if I open a franchise, there’s branding, funding, and background behind me. I like the model where I don’t have to do back-end work figuring out suppliers and logistics; that is already provided.”

The back end support combined with the ability to own your own business at a younf age create a recipe for success for Millennial franchisees.

“Being your own boss has great appeal,” Rehman says. “Being able to grow a business from the bottom and make it prosper takes a lot of work, and it’s exciting when you have it all set up and don’t have to be there 100 hours a week anymore.”

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