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Want To Own A Renovation Sells Franchise? Here’s What It Takes.

The fast-growing pre-sale home renovation franchise is seeking franchisees with a passion for real estate and a healthy dose of business savvy.

Pre-sale home renovation franchise Renovation Sells launched just three years ago, and in that time it has renovated more than 170 homes at an average cost of just $20,000 per project. Those eye-popping numbers have made the emerging brand one of the most buzzed-about new concepts in both the real estate and franchising industries. Now, the Chicago-based franchise is preparing to expand, and it’s on the hunt for franchisees with a few key traits to lead the charge. Chief among those traits are a passion for real estate, an entrepreneurial mindset and the determination to make the most of Renovation Sells’ uniquely lucrative opportunity.

Renovation Sells prepares homes for the market with quick but impactful renovations that dramatically increase the property’s value without major structural changes. By working exclusively on pre-sale homes, the franchise has shifted its primary client from homeowners to real estate agents, opening up a thriving network of clients who maintain their own portfolios of listings that may benefit from upgrades.

When Renovation Sells was founded, co-founder Michael Valente, a general contractor and licensed Realtor®, identified a need within the real estate sector for professional renovation services in the residential, pre-sale market. Valente said that strategic planning and mindful project ambitions brought the brand into swift success.

“As a business-oriented person, I sat down and came up with a solution,” said Valente. “Instead of focusing on large, time-consuming projects, the focus would be on quality renovations executed with speed at an approachable cost. The results now match what today's buyers are looking for online, even in a COVID-19 market — and our business model is producing incredible results.”

As the franchise grows, Valente said that an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to run with the model is exactly what Renovation Sells looks for in potential franchisees. And while a background in real estate, contracting, or business are not required of new franchisees, Valente says they will certainly help. 

“Anyone who’s been in the industry and knows the ups and downs and ins and outs of real estate should already have an idea of the value our brand brings to customers,” said Valente. “You have so many homes out there that need some love before going to sale — we help real estate agents prepare for that point of sale and help get them and their clients the very best return on their investment.”

Real estate agents understand the many issues facing sellers, specifically those concerning homes in need of a facelift. That's why Valente says former agents and other real estate professionals who are seeking opportunities to run their own businesses are perfect candidates for Renovation Sells. As connoisseurs of the market, real estate agents not only have an eye for what a property is worth, but also for what a property’s potential might be. There are often quick, cosmetic renovations that are cost-effective and easy to execute, benefitting real estate agents and their clients in terms of producing higher home sales. 

“Former real estate agents make great Renovation Sells franchisees,” said Valente. “They understand the market, they know what buyers are looking for, and they know exactly how valuable a business focused exclusively on renovating pre-sale homes can be. They are well-equipped to make the most of this model.”

Crucially, real estate agents also have industry connections and sales experience — two traits Valente says are central to Renovation Sells’ model.

“We provide all the tools and resources a franchisee will ever need, but it’s up to them to hit the pavement and build the relationships that are going to turn into sales down the road” Valente said. “Anyone who knows their market and understands how quality work leads to referrals can do amazing things with the systems, designs, processes and materials we provide.” 

Experienced contractors are also well-positioned to thrive as Renovation Sells franchisees. As a former contractor himself, Valente says he grew tired of doing full-scale, custom remodels and engaging with homeowners who were overly-specific in their renovation desires. 

“I know there are more people out there like me,” he said. “The labor and time it takes to make grand-scale renovations isn’t always worth it emotionally and financially as a business owner. Renovation Sells has a specific purpose, quick turnaround on projects and immediate results for the clients. It’s a contractor’s dream opportunity.”

Even entrepreneurs without any experience in real estate can make strong Renovation Sells owners, Valente says, so long as they have a keen sense for business. “Anyone who understands the turnkey nature of the business and who lives in an area with a target demographic can go far with the brand,” he said. 

The key for franchisees of any background, Valente says, is understanding the value of the model and having the grit and determination to make the most of it.

“It's important to build our franchise family with people who are ready to take their career to the next level and who have a passion for helping people meet their real estate selling goals,” said Valente. “Construction fatigue for homeowners is a real thing. When clients get exhausted by the process, everyone starts to get frustrated. This means that home remodelers and contractors always get a bad reputation — our business eliminates those challenges. Our franchisees are equipped to help realtors and homeowners with their needs, while growing their business to meet their own career goals.”

The initial investment to franchise with Renovation Sells ranges from $78,208 to $101,142, including a $50,000 franchise fee. The brand is actively seeking franchise owners in Illinois. For more information on franchising with Renovation Sells, please visit

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