Restaurants Reaping Benefits of Smart Technology
Restaurants Reaping Benefits of Smart Technology

The latest and greatest tech in restaurants is finally paying off in the form of efficiency in kitchens and improving the guest experience.

Ordering online is easy thanks to mobile devices. But technology isn’t just for the convenience of customers. As restaurants begin their digital face-lifts, more brands are seeing the benefits of incorporating technology to both front of house and back of house operations.  

A QSR Magazine article stated that smart technology investment has become worthwhile for guest interaction and reported that “79% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves the guest experience, according to a survey by point-of-sale provider Toast. In fact, 57% of respondents order from restaurant websites on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and 68% of diners feel that servers’ hand-held devices improve the guest experience.”

Indeed, as the digital age continues, more brands are looking to connect with guests through the most accessible means such as integrated apps and self-service kiosks. These are the start of incorporating digital nuances for guests.

But, some brands are taking the experience further for back of house operations, investing in artificial intelligence systems and voice-activated technology like Alexa. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, for example, is using voice-enabled devices for managers to check in with staff without taking time away from food preparation.

Although it is unclear if smart technology is directly affecting sales, it is evident that the technological investment has created more efficient ordering systems for both guests and restaurant staff.

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Image Source: Pancheros Mexican Grill