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Franchisee Voices: Andrew Cohen of Right at Home

Why Andrew Cohen chose Right at Home to transition into the franchising industry.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 4:16PM 01/11/17

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Andrew Cohen is a man determined to give back to the community. Cohen purchased an already established Right at Home franchise, which allowed him the opportunity to slowly transition into the franchising world. He admires how the home care service provider has a dedicated following and appreciates the high-quality business structure in place.

Cohen has a special interest in customer service and building relationships with clients in his territory. With nearly 16 years of business experience under his belt at recognizable companies like Warner Brothers and Sony, Cohen is eager to tackle this new career venture.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I grew up in Tempe, Arizona, but I moved to California to attend the University of California Santa Barbara, where I majored in psychology. Then, I went back to school at Pepperdine University and majored in marketing, that’s when I began working at Warner Brothers in the entertainment studios, specifically in the home entertainment division. This job opportunity allowed me to focus on retail marketing, anything from Blue Ray to DVDs. I transitioned over to Sony Pictures, and then back to Warner Brothers, collectively gaining 16 years of experience in home entertainment and sales development.

Almost a couple years ago, I made the decision to break out from the corporate environment I was in and sought out purchasing my own business. I weighed my options and came to the conclusion that I wanted a new career with a high level of interaction with the customers within the home care sector. Right at Home stood out to me amongst the rest of the options that I considered. Initially, I was working with Right at Home to establish a start-up franchise but eight months ago, I opted to purchase an existing eight-year old location instead because it felt less risky to me. I felt this option was more comfortable because of the established clients and reputation.

Why did you choose to become a franchisee with Right at Home? 

My research included a Top 20 list of franchises that included Right at Home as one of the best franchises to invest in. To me, the support they provide is unlike anyone else in the industry. The training process I went through was extremely thorough, and their approach to the sales process and finding clients is unmatched by anyone in the in-home care industry, especially with their heightened priority to service clients. The top-notch customer service offered and the level of detail and specialized care for the clients are impressive. The Right at Home brand is extremely credible in terms of the level of care offered, including the customization of matching a caregiver to a client. Those high-quality services are the reason they have great brand recognition.

What were your perceptions of franchising before starting the process? 

For me, franchising was more appealing because it would provide more of a structure to help me when additional assistance is needed. It’s a proven business model. If you decide to start a business on your own, not a franchise, you have to create your own business model from scratch.

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