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Webinar Recap: Right at Home Multi-Unit Franchisee Finds Success in California

Renée Concialdi, who has built three powerful in-home care businesses in Pasadena, San Gabriel, and West Covina, tells 1851 about the goals — both personal and professional — she has achieved over the years.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Renée Concialdi, a franchisee celebrating her ninth year with Right at Home, has carved a remarkable path through the franchising world, establishing three flourishing in-home care businesses across Pasadena, San Gabriel, and West Covina, California. From navigating a successful corporate career to embracing the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, Concialdi’s narrative is a compelling exploration of how personal motivations and passion can translate into professional success.

“Leaving my corporate career, I realized I had acquired a wealth of tools and experience, but I felt a strong sense of purpose and a desire to contribute more,” said Concialdi. “Franchising with Right at Home marked the beginning of a rewarding journey, not just as another phase in my career, but as a meaningful opportunity to give back, enhance my family's security, and prepare for the future.”

1851 Franchise recently spoke with Concialdi as part of the publication’s Meet the Zee webinar series to learn more about her background, her decision to enter senior care, and her plans for the future. 

The Path to Right at Home 

Before taking ownership of her first Right at Home business, Concialdi spent two decades in the corporate space with ADP, working in risk management, client services, and program management. 

“Leaving my corporate career, I embarked on a journey filled with networking, joining groups, and engaging in mentorship,” Concialdi said. “During this time, several individuals suggested I should own a business, recognizing a potential I hadn't seen in myself.”

Concialdi says she was specifically drawn to the concept of franchising, seeking a business model with an established framework and support system, akin to what she was accustomed to in her corporate career. 

Starting her due diligence, the senior care industry — and Right at Home in particular — stood out right away. Concialdi notes that support from other franchisees is a large reason why she chose the brand. She spoke with several franchisees during her due diligence process to get a better sense of the company’s culture and support systems.

“As I delved into evaluating each opportunity, Right at Home remained consistently supportive, aligning perfectly with my desire for a career that offered internal rewards through helping others,” said Concialdi. “The moment I heard its name, I felt a profound connection.”

In 2015, Concialdi officially opened her first Right at Home franchise in Pasadena and has since expanded to include two more in San Gabriel and West Covina. She works with franchisees in surrounding territories to develop new protocols and practices that have helped make each of their locations successful. Her locations are now earning more than a million dollars each year. 

A Deeper Personal Connection

When it comes to her success with Right at Home, Concialdi says it has been deepened by her personal story. As a young girl, Concialdi provided support for her disabled mother while still working to maintain her independence and dignity whenever possible. Toward the end of her mother’s life, Concialdi once again became very involved in her care and even had Right at Home by her side through her mother’s passing. This experience instilled in her a profound understanding of the challenges and rewards of caring for a loved one. 

“I believe having a compassionate heart, coupled with strong business acumen, forms the core of what we do at Right at Home,” said Concialdi. “My personal experiences have significantly influenced my perspective, especially as I witnessed firsthand the complexities that accompany aging and disability.”

Now, as the owner of three in-home care businesses, Concialdi says she prioritizes hiring individuals who not only possess the necessary business skills but also share this heartfelt dedication to caring for others. 

“Our aim is for our staff to treat the families we serve with the same care and respect they would offer their own, embodying the true spirit of the Right at Home family,” Concialdi said. “The autonomy of business ownership has been incredibly rewarding, as it allows me to lead a team that hires fantastic people dedicated to making a difference.”

Of course, the journey of building a business is always fraught with challenges and moments of fear. For Concialdi, embracing these fears and viewing them as opportunities for growth has been a key to her success: "I think if you're not scared, then you're not trying new and challenging and different things." Her proactive and forward-thinking approach has allowed her to expand her business, even in the face of uncertainties.

“The introduction of new opportunities, technologies, and methodologies makes it an exhilarating time for us as business owners and franchisees,” said Concialdi. “We're at the forefront of industry developments, enabling us to innovate, expand and scale our operations.”

Future Goals and Bigger Impact

Looking beyond financial success, Concialdi emphasizes the importance of making a meaningful impact. Her goals extend to providing quality care, creating a positive work environment, and contributing to her community. 

“Especially coming out of the pandemic, the importance of helping people maintain their independence at home has never been clearer,” said Concialdi. “Being able to support families and individuals in staying in a trusted, one-on-one care environment truly highlights the value of our work. It's a privilege to contribute to our clients' ability to live independently.”

As she celebrates her ninth year with Right at Home, Concialdi continues to inspire those around her, proving that with the right combination of heart and business sense, remarkable achievements are within reach.

“While there are many commendable companies and franchises, finding one that aligns with your values and goals is crucial,” said Concialdi. “It's not solely about money — it's about how well the business matches your daily actions, impacts lives, supports your team, and benefits the community. For those considering franchising or entrepreneurship, it's vital to set financial milestones, but equally important is to hold a larger vision for the impact you wish to create in the world.”

Watch the full webinar with Concialdi here

Right at Home has limited territory left in California, including the areas of Merced, Chico, Visalia, San Luis Obispo, El Centro, Vallejo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Redding, and Santa Clara. 

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