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How Right at Home’s Franchise Opportunity Makes Veteran Entrepreneurs Feel “Right at Home”

With a streamlined operational model, service-oriented core values and an expert leadership team, the leading in-home senior care brand continues to appeal to veterans to become franchisees as it expands across the country.

Right at Home, the in-home senior care franchise with more than 600 locations, has positioned itself as an industry leader in the booming senior care sector and is seeing exceptional growth as a result. So far in 2021, the brand has already had 28 territory transactions.  This includes a high volume of new and existing owners purchasing territories as well as a rolling inventory of resale opportunities with the brand.      

Over the years, a large number of Right at Home franchisees have been veterans, as the Right at Home business model perfectly aligns with their goals, values and skill sets. Now, with a 25% veteran discount off of the franchise fee and an aggressive expansion goal this year, the time has never been better for veterans to join the Right at Home franchise.

From Military Service to Right at Home Ownership

When Charlotte-based Right at Home owner and Marine Corps veteran Bill Osborne first signed on with the senior care franchise in 2016, his experience serving in the military provided him with valuable insight into the kind of business he wanted to invest in.

“In 2000, I joined the Marine Corps Reserve in Knoxville and became a combat engineer,” said Osborne. “I grew really close to my brothers in the Marines, and especially after 9/11, we knew we were going to get the call at some point to be a part of a major operation. I moved to Charlotte in 2002 so I could stay with my unit, and then in 2005, we were deployed to Iraq and were attached to two different battalions there. We were tasked with mine clearing, large-scale military operations and combat operations.”

After returning from his tour of duty, Osborne obtained a B.S. in health services management from East Carolina University and, for over a decade, provided life-saving critical care in the back of helicopters, airplanes and ambulances as an aeromedical specialist.

“My aspirations were to be a part of the critical care transport team,” Osborne said. “After being honorably discharged, I worked at a large health care system in Charlotte. From there, I was recruited to be a part of a startup in the Caribbean offering critical care transport throughout the area. But the work-life balance wasn’t going to cut it as I started my family, so I opened my mind to other business opportunities where I could still care for people.”

Osborne landed on franchising, and after talking to the Right at Home team, he knew he had found his match. “I was older, and I had had enough of the adrenaline rush, so I was ready to try a different challenge,” he said. “My perspective and my experience in the Marines really made me recognize the significance of Right at Home’s core values, as well as the scalability and reliability of its business model.”

The Appeal of Right at Home’s Core Values

Osborne opened his Right at Home office in Belmont, North Carolina, in 2016. Right away, he knew the business was the perfect extension of his time in the Marines and would offer him an avenue to continue serving his community.

“When you get out of the military, you are still looking to be a part of something that aligns with the same core values of courage, commitment and honor,” Osborne said. “It takes a lot of mental and emotional courage to be a home care business owner, especially as we’ve seen over the past couple of years. Being in the military, you have a commitment to your country and your fellow brothers and sisters, and with Right at Home, you are committed to your clients. In terms of honor, giving back to the community is a big deal for Right at Home, and we’ve been involved in many philanthropic efforts and veteran recognition programs. Overall, Right at Home has allowed me to continue showcasing honor, courage and commitment in my daily life.”

Jen Chaney, Right at Home’s vice president of franchise development, says many veteran franchise prospects choose Right at Home for those same reasons.

“Our brand’s core values are approachability, collaboration, accountability, integrity and authenticity, and our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve,” Chaney said. “Veterans connect with those values. They’ve lived them every day, and they can see that we truly do live and breathe those values in our business as well.”

The Advantages of the Right at Home Business Model

Right at Home’s proven business model and operational systems create an infrastructure that is a major advantage when embarking on first-time business ownership as a veteran.

“Veterans are a great fit for the Right at Home franchise concept because we have a complete structure in place, so it is just a matter of following the process,” said Chaney. “Veterans really appreciate that structure because that is how they operated in the service. Whether they were in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or Marines, they are going to have that operational experience, which will be incredibly helpful for owning a Right at Home business.”

Right at Home also offers a best-in-class training and support program based on years of franchisee input. “We have so many resources and tools for new owners, whether it be marketing, training, recruitment or retention—you name it,” said Chaney. “Our franchise owners have help and support for the entire duration of their franchises. Many veterans are looking to stay connected with their communities, and we help them build those relationships within their territories.”

Chaney also points to leadership skills as a prime reason veterans are positioned for success with Right at Home. “Franchisees need to have the leadership skills and discipline to care for their caregivers—without the caregivers you don’t really have a business,” she said. “So you have to treat them well, and that is something veterans are great at because they are natural-born leaders.”

Osborne agrees that supporting staff and caregivers is a big part of Right at Home ownership. “We like to find different ways to support our caregivers,” he said. “For example, if our caregiver is a nursing student and needs a letter of recommendation, we will help them with that so they can build references to put themselves through school.”

Now, as Right at Home sets out to achieve its goal of 15 new locations this year, the brand is leveraging its VetFran partnership to offer a 25% veteran discount off of the franchise fee of $49,500.

“We are incredibly proud of our veteran franchise owners,” said Chaney. “We are excited to continue partnering with these passionate and driven entrepreneurs who love what they do and who show a dedication to serving others.”

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