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McKnight’s Home Care: Former Rabbi Finds Fulfillment as Right at Home Franchise Owner

When pivoting from a role as a Rabbi in New York, Matt Field found himself with the in-home care franchise, which provided a refreshing, yet still fulfilling, opportunity.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 12/20/23

From veterinary studies to organic chemistry to theological studies, Matt Field, who now owns Right at Home of North Suburban Chicago, has a varied background. However, he spent most of his professional life as a Rabbi in New York. So, when he found himself ready for a transition, Field knew we wanted to continue in a role that would allow him to support community members.

Field and his wife, Rachel, knew Right at Home would be a great fit and opened their first territory in 2012. As the operation grew, the pair relocated and continued to expand their range of services.

“Certainly one of the challenges is now I have a commute that’s longer than 10 minutes but that’s okay, I expected it,” Field told McKnight’s. “There are many days where I feel like a new franchisee starting all over again, although with a lot more knowledge. The little things don’t make me nervous the way they may have in the past.”

Though the work is quite different from what he did as a full-time Rabbi, Field said there is an “interesting carryover.”

He continues to engage positively with community members, providing support and reassurance when they need it most. At times, he has been asked to perform the funerals of former clients, a callback to his time as a Rabbi. As he continues his journey, one thing holds true: Fields’ professional history has always centered on helping others, and this new path is no different.

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