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For Robeks Franchise Owner Tariq Johnson, Building Strong Teams is Everything

The franchise owner’s ability to build and develop strong teams allows him to be a remote owner and rely on the managers of his two stores.

By Cristina Merrill1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 12:12PM 01/29/21

Los Angeles-based fresh juice, smoothie and bowl franchise Robeks was founded in 1996 with the idea of providing loyal fans with easy and nutritious meal alternatives, all with incredible taste. The brand uses a proprietary line of enrichments to deliver the right nutrients to help customers boost their metabolism and overall wellness. Robeks began to offer franchises in 2001 and has since grown to over 85 franchise locations across the United States that have cornered a portion of the bowl, fresh juice and smoothie franchise market. 

Robeks attributes its success to its strong franchise system, which includes owners such as Tariq Johnson. Johnson owns and operates two Robeks franchises, one in California and the other in Florida. Today, he is more of a hands-off owner, but he remembers when he first got involved with his stores and how they took up a good chunk of his time. 

Tariq started off as a customer of the brand at the La Jolla location, north of San Diego. He and his wife were living in Southern California at the time, and while they had other businesses and full-time jobs, they decided they wanted to go into business together and supplement their wealth and income.  

“It was also very important to us to do something that aligned with our interests, so we narrowed it down to a few options and decided to go with Robeks,” he said. 

Together, they opened a brand-new Robeks on November 10, 2017 in the Riverside County community of Wildomar. Within a year, they decided to move to Florida. When they told the brand about their plan to move to the Sunshine State, the leadership team mentioned that the Neptune Beach franchise, which is close to Jacksonville, was up for sale. They took over that location in August 2018. 

As a franchisee who started a new location and also took over an existing one, Johnson is filled with insight and advice on what prospective franchisees can expect in either situation. A typical Robeks franchisee day for him has varied depending on the stage of ownership. He currently has a full-time job in the financial services industry and relies on the two managers who oversee his two locations. He has a call with each of them for 30 minutes once a week. 

“Opening a new location requires a significant amount of time and energy,” he said. “There is a tremendous amount of moving parts, and you need to be very involved and responsive. You’ll get on weekly calls to make sure things are going according to plan and that the permit process is going smoothly. You’re also setting up vendor accounts. There are a lot of items to check off.” 

When it comes to taking over an existing Robeks franchise, one benefit is that the incoming franchisee will go into the business with a good sense of where the business is at. Also, they will benefit from an existing staff that is already trained, he said. 

In terms of his relationship with the Robeks leadership team, Johnson noted that Robeks commitment to support remained consistent and strong. 

“There are a lot of things that need to be done, and the leadership team is always very quick to respond to any questions you have,” he said. “If you have a concern or even if you’re excited about something, they’re always willing to hear your perspective. If there is something that needs to be improved, you have the opportunity to be heard and you’ll get help in whatever way you ask for help. There’s always that level of respect.” 

Vice President of Franchise Sales Robert Campos lauded Johnson’s ability to build and develop teams. 

“When Tariq opened a new store from scratch, for example, he developed a really solid team of employees,” Campos said. “He found and developed responsible people he could lean on as he grew his business, which allows him to be a remote owner. He laid the foundation from day one, and his teams always do well with mystery shopper scores.” 

Thanks to his genuine passion for the brand and the ability to develop strong teams, Johnson can continue to pursue his various business interests and truly enjoy the Robeks franchisee life. 

The total estimated cost to open a Robeks franchise ranges from $228,450 to $340,000. The brand offers discounts for veterans and multi-unit owners. For more information, visit