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Robeks Enters 2022 with a Multi-Unit Pipeline Primed for National Expansion

The popular smoothie and healthy eats franchise has taken on new technology, new franchise deals, and a growth plan for continued territory expansion through multi-unit deals.

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Updated 4:16PM 02/25/22

Robeks has been serving a world-class, healthy smoothie and juice selection since 1996 when it was first established in Southern California. Twenty-five years and almost 100 franchises later, the smoothie and healthy-eating brand has seen record sales numbers and considerable expansion across the west coast and into the midwest as it continues to prove itself as an industry leader with more growth potential than ever.

“We're in a phenomenal position as a brand,” said Robert Campos, Robeks’ Vice President of Franchise Sales. “We took a different approach in 2021 and, as a result, we saw increased sales numbers across the board and considerable growth. We're going to enhance that approach even more as we enter into 2022.”

The brand is continuing to stay relevant with new technology, including a completely reimagined loyalty app, which allows the Robeks corporate team to listen to, and deliver on, what franchisees and customers are looking for in today’s ever-changing landscape. This continued evolution and innovation has helped lead the brand into its most successful year to date in 2021 and shows how that bar can be raised once again in 2022.

Multi-Unit Success: Robeks Enters New Markets with Momentum

Robeks is able to establish a strong presence in new markets through multi-unit deals, which is one way the brand has built traction in underserved cities. “We have high-volume stores that operate in a very small footprint, with a low labor model and a stable supply chain. Those are clear benefits for any single-unit franchisee, but especially attractive for an experienced multi-unit franchisee,” Campos said.

This is one way that Robeks has undertaken such rapid expansion — and how the brand can market itself to new franchisees in virtually all cities. “The brand has done a great job of putting itself in a position of success from an average unit volume perspective,” Campos said. “This has proven attractive to quite a few multi-unit franchisees and groups, and the system is constantly refining itself.”

Most recently, Robeks was able to grow through multi-unit deals in Salt Lake City, Denver and Cincinnati this past year, three markets where the brand did not previously have a footprint. “I think these kinds of deals have drawn a lot of attention to our brand,” Campos said. Currently, the brand is finalizing an additional multi-unit deal in Dallas-Fort Worth, slated to begin opening in 2022. 

While the multi-unit model has helped the brand grow in record time, the Robeks corporate team maintains an equal level of commitment to single-unit franchisees too. “We’re committed to all of our owners and the role that they play in representing and growing our brand, and that means staying committed to all levels of prospective franchisees,” Campos said.

Robeks Promotes Customer Loyalty Through New App and New Delivery Strategy

“We’re very fortunate that the Robeks brand was able to weather, and even do well, throughout the majority of the pandemic,” Campos added. “We shifted our strategy slightly and were able to retain strong sales figures through 2020, and that momentum set us up for a really big 2021.” 

Those numbers have only continued to increase: “I feel the circumstances surrounding the pandemic have inspired more people to begin eating healthier and making better choices for themselves,” said Mitch Baker, Vice President of Marketing. “That change in tendency has had a favorable impact on our business.” 

A shift in consumer preference has also occurred since the onset of the pandemic, as more people have begun to favor delivery or grab-and-go-type service instead of a traditional sit-down atmosphere. “People are more comfortable placing orders in different ways, which has paired extremely well with the technology that we have developed,” said Campos. Robeks’ newly launched loyalty app offers a clean interface for customer ordering at the convenience of pickup, curbside or delivery-based service, which is one way Campos says the Robeks brand has increased its sales.

Entering into the new year, Robeks is continuing to leverage this modern approach for sustained growth, targeting both multi-and single-unit franchisees in new and existing markets across the country and, after experiencing exponential growth in 2021, the brand is eager to continue this trajectory into 2022 and beyond.

Robeks investments range from $228,450 to $340,000 and include all franchise fees. For more information about franchising with Robeks visit:

About Robeks:

Celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, Robeks is a forerunner in the wholesome juice and healthful smoothie category using fruits and vegetables at the peak of their freshness for a delicious taste and quality nutrients. Also known for its fresh Acai bowls and now adding premium toasts, Robeks continues to innovate with creatively crafted flavor combinations with fresh, high-quality ingredients that make people happy. With more than 100 locations open and in development across twelve states and the District of Columbia, Robeks continues its stellar growth with franchise opportunities in select markets across the country. For more information, visit