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Robeks Online Sales Expand Thanks to Mobile Ordering, Third-Party Delivery and Curbside Pickup

The brand attributes a systemwide year-over-year increase in sales to offering online ordering solutions that give customers what they want and makes business easier on franchisees.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many food brands to shift their operations and contend with major cutbacks, but one brand that has been thriving is Robeks

Prior to COVID-19, 8% of the brand’s sales came from online ordering. That number has increased to 25%, and the leadership team attributes this increase to additional mobile ordering options, strong third-party delivery and the implementation of curbside pickup. 

Robeks was founded in 1996 in health-conscious Los Angeles with the idea of providing customers with satisfying and nutritious meal alternatives. The brand began to sell franchises in 2001. Since then, Robeks has grown to 83 franchise locations across the country with plans to increase its footprint into markets like southern Florida

This continued growth is encouraging, as the brand’s nimble business model has allowed franchisees to stay connected with customers in their markets and to continue serving them with their favorite healthy meal options. 

Robeks has also welcomed new franchisees to the system who are eager to take over existing locations and pave the way for further brand recognition in their markets. And while the brand’s sales dipped at the beginning of COVID-19 in late March and early April, sales have moved in the right direction and are solid today. Stores in certain markets have seen a year-over-year increase as high as 25% and 40%, according to President and CFO, David Rawnsley. 

“The stores that are seeing the greater uptick are the stores whose owners have really taken advantage of the digital programs we offer,” Rawnsley said. “They’re really engaged in online ordering and third-party delivery.” 

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Robeks’s leadership team increased communication with franchisees, allowing for heightened strategic planning amid the pandemic. Robeks also made an unprecedented move to offer full abatement of royalty and marketing fees for a period of time as the brand pivoted and created tools to continue to serve customers.

Robeks plans to keep this momentum going by further leveraging the Robeks Rewards app and continuing to use third-party delivery. The implementation of the new Rails Program will also result in an increase in sales, the program integrates sales opportunities from third-party delivery platforms directly into the brand’s POS system. 

Such digital solutions complement the leadership team’s efforts to support franchisees as they plug away in this difficult economic climate. The Robeks leadership team worked to provide all stores with 100% royalty and marketing relief through the end of April and along with giving  franchisees templates to request rent relief from landlords. 

In the midst of a pandemic, Robeks continues to welcome new franchisees to the system in both established and new markets. Locations in Tampa and North Hollywood will open prior to the close of 2020 with eight new locations already in the pipeline for 2021. 

“A clear priority for us is franchisee profitability and providing consistent and focused support, it is what has added to the continued success of the brand for almost 25 years,” said Rawnsley. “Although 2020 brought some challenges, we’re on a solid path to continued growth into the new year and beyond.”

Thanks to a flexible business model that gives customers plenty of options in how they want to order their favorite health products and a leadership team that prioritizes the financial health of franchisees, Robeks is well-positioned to weather COVID-19 and come out stronger on the other side. 

The total estimated cost to open a Robeks franchise ranges from $228,450 to $340,000. The brand offers discounts for veterans and multi-unit owners. For more information, visit