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How Ruby’s Combines Legacy with Innovation to Create a Loyal and Unique Relationship with Customers Across the Country

Backed by quality food and a one of a kind experience, the brand is taking its connection with consumers to the next level.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 03/07/17

When Ruby’s Diner first opened its doors for business over 30 years ago in Southern California, it set out with one simple mission: to prove that the “good old days” of serving up high-quality food in the classic 1940’s Americana style are still here. And with 35 locations successfully operating in California, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, it’s clear that the brand’s original mission is still being realized on a day-to-day basis.

Ruby’s Diner offers consumers more than traditional burgers and fries. The brand only serves the highest quality food made with the best ingredients, including Fresh Premium Natural USDA Choice beef, its famous “Refillable” French fries and delicious RubyRings that are cooked in non-hydrogenated, zero trans-fat, cholesterol-free, pure vegetable oil. But it’s not just the food that makes Ruby’s stand out from the competition.

Over the past three decades, the brand has created a one of a kind environment for both its customers and business owners. Ruby’s ensures that its Southern California roots are visible in all of its restaurants, which provides consumers with a “fun in the sun” experience wherever they’re dining. That friendly atmosphere and exceptional customer service has led to the brand having a loyal following—customers visit Ruby’s because they know that their experience will be positive.

“Right now is the perfect time for Ruby’s franchise system to grow. Our 34-year legacy means something to consumers, especially here in Southern California. But there’s absolutely room for us to expand our reach. We want to bring the top tier experience that Californians are familiar with to new communities across the country,” said Doug Cavanaugh, founder and CEO of Ruby’s. “Ruby’s creates an environment that can’t be found anywhere else—our 1940’s diner design isn’t just nostalgic, it’s authentic. That’s why we’re confident that consumers will continue to make Ruby’s their go-to restaurant when they’re craving classic American cuisine.”

In addition to being committed to its legacy, Ruby’s is also constantly looking for ways to improve its restaurants and move the entire restaurant industry forward. That’s why the brand is rolling out table top technology that will enable customers to order their meals and pay their bills on an iPad. The technology is designed to make it more convenient for customers to dine at their local Ruby’s—by having an iPad right at their table, consumers can pay and go at their own pace.

“The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, especially as technology continues to play a bigger role. At Ruby’s, we’re committed to being trendsetters. We want to be the first brand to integrate the latest technology into our system,” said Mark Lyso, COO of Ruby’s Diner. “By testing out our new table top technology in our restaurants, we’re ensuring that we’re ahead of the game. We run our business with the goal to be the best for our guests, and that includes engaging with our customers through as many platforms as possible.”

Beyond establishing a strong relationship with its guests, Ruby’s also offers a simple business model that’s incredibly attractive to franchisees. With start-up costs that fall between $737,500 and $1,922,000 and a support system made up of experienced restaurant franchise professionals, entrepreneurs across the country are fueling the brand’s expansion efforts by opening up Ruby’s Diners in their own local communities.

“The Ruby’s model is one that fits anywhere. From an outdoor pier in California to an airport restaurant on the East Coast we are not in Newark any longer, we’ve developed a system that can be tailored to any environment. That’s rare to come across, especially in the franchising industry,” said Lyso. “We’re looking forward to welcoming new franchisees into our system so that we can ultimately introduce more consumers to all that Ruby’s has to offer.”