Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine: Saladworks Revamps Brand
Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Magazine: Saladworks Revamps Brand

As salad concepts continue to sprout up throughout the fast-casual restaurant segment, Saladworks hits refresh to drive growth.

Conshohocken, Pensylvania-based Saladworks celebrated its 30th anniversary last fall and is completely re-energized. 

New President and CEO Patrick Sugrue and Vice President of Operations and Development C.W. Bruton continue to spearhead a major brand refresh, testing new ordering technology and new marketing strategies. The brand hopes these efforts will sharpen the 97-unit chain's competitive edge and jump-start growth.

The first remodeled store in Newton, Pensylvania opened in February 2016. Then Saladworks remodeled its sole corporate unit in Andorra, Pensylvania, which reopened in December. In addtion to Andorra's reopening, the brand also introduced its first food truck and started testing a new in-store kiosk ordering system.

"We have a very robust pipeline of new franchisee prospects, many of our existing franchisees are actively looking to expand and, with the new initiatives being rolled out, we're excited to be growing again," says Sugrue. "Given our menu focus, we're well positioned for the Millennial consumers interested in fresh, high-quality, nutritious foods. Our brand has the benefit of established leadership, and we've been entrusted with the job of broadening its appeal, making our stores more relevant and our service even better."

The first remodeled unit has far exceeded expectations, according to Bruton. "That store continues to strongly outperform the system. Prior to the remodel, it was well below the chain average," he says. "The franchisee is so happy with the financial performance that he's having his second store remodeled this February."

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