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How Caring for Her Child Led This Franchisee to Senior Care Authority

Caring for a child with a genetic condition gave Linda Cale the passion and insight to care for her parents and to ultimately create a business helping other families face similar challenges.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 10:10AM 05/17/24

Linda Cale has been a franchisee with Senior Care Authority, the leading U.S. eldercare consulting franchise, in South Carolina and Western North Carolina for the past five years. What drew her to the brand and business ownership was a personal mission inspired by her own experiences and values.

"I wanted to identify a business that would align with my values and my passion to help people," Linda explained. 

She found this and more in Senior Care Authority and decided to transition from her successful 25-plus year career as a sales professional to a franchisee with the eldercare brand. 1851 Franchise spoke with Linda Cale about her journey into franchising with Senior Care Authority and the impact she is making.

The Eldercare Industry

Linda’s motivation began with her experiences with her daughter, Hannah, who was born with a genetic condition. The process of navigating through diagnoses, the medical system, uncertainties and trying to find the best care and resources for Hannah was daunting – even for someone as resourceful as Linda. 

“When we got the diagnosis, it was overwhelming and frightening,” she said. “There were a lot of questions — How are we going to help her? What are the resources available? How are we going to pay for it? — in addition to dealing with shock and grief. And the hope for the new path that we were on.”

Years later, she had a similar experience of uncertainty when her aging parents needed care, which led her to see the parallel in the challenges faced by families navigating the world of senior care. And with that, she saw how the empathy she had gained through her own experiences could help her serve others.

“I quickly realized my ability to help people in this space,” she said. “I was looking for that opportunity and found Senior Care Authority. It's a unique concept and resource for families and seniors on a lot of different levels. What we do is not just placement. We have the ability to provide many different services while being a solid source of support based on each families’ goals and priorities.”

The brand offers a comprehensive approach to eldercare, providing a full range of services that include residential placement assistance, consulting services to assist families navigating healthcare options, advocacy, and driving self assessments.

Her ability to empathize with families, honed through her personal experiences, drives Linda’s dedication to assisting them in navigating through the complexities of senior care, and that career path has proved to be incredibly rewarding.

A Fulfilling Career Path

Given the nature of the industry, Linda and the families she serves can face some tough moments and challenges. However, there is a great deal of joy in providing families a sense of support and reassurance when facing difficult care decisions.

"The most compelling words that I can use are ‘You're not alone. You don't have to do this by yourself’,” Linda said. “Having been through this with my own parents, I do realize that we are all in different boats, but on the same river. Each family’s experience is going to be unique, but being able to offer solid support to families through this part of their journey is nothing less than an honor.”

Linda’s business has experienced growth and expansion as the demand for eldercare services continues to increase. To continue providing the highest quality of care and support, she intends to find like-minded individuals who share her dedication to senior care to expand her team.

While her business continues to grow, Linda remains most passionate about the meaningful connections forged with families and seniors in her community. She hopes to continue to be a source of warmth, support and comfort during times of change.

"There's a lot of laughter and a lot of joy in meeting so many interesting people," Linda said. “Learning their journeys and hearing their stories and getting to know family members. The seniors themselves have such a tremendous warmth about them. It is a privilege to be a part of someone’s journey through change. We may not necessarily be able to change the outcome for people in terms of a diagnosis or situation, but the peace that we can provide them — to be able to say you're not alone, I can help — really is a gift.”

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