Entrepreneur Magazine Recognizes Senior Helpers as a Top Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity
Entrepreneur Magazine Recognizes Senior Helpers as a Top Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

A high ranking from one of the most prestigious names in business journalism provides authoritative validation for the senior care franchise.

Each year, Entrepreneur analyzes countless data to compile its Franchise 500® ranking, along with a number of sub-rankings to provide a comprehensive list of the strongest franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs. In 2019, the business publication recognized Senior Helpers among its Top Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities, a tremendous honor for the brand that exemplifies its ability to provide prospective business owners with valuable investment-to-revenue ratio.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized by Entrepreneur because they're the industry standard when it comes to outside validation,” said Rob Cantrell, Senior Helpers VP of Franchise Development. “This recognition is a testament to the fact that everything we’re working to develop has resulted come to fruition in a strong concept.”

As a leader in at-home senior care focused on what clients can do instead of what they can’t, Senior Helpers has tapped into the growing population of aging Americans to provide much-needed services, helping the brand expand its reach and achieve national recognition among consumers and entrepreneurs alike. 

“There’s a lot of low-cost concepts out there that require a $100,000 investment, but senior care is one of the only industries that consistently sees revenue reach 10 times that,” Cantrell noted. And because of the growth its franchise system has seen—Senior Helpers has over 300 locations across the U.S.—the brand is able to do more for franchisees while still keeping its investment range on the lower end of what is average for franchise opportunities. 

“As we’ve grown, we’ve scaled our support to rise and meet the tide of new owners we’ve brought on over the last few years,” Cantrell said. “The size of our internal team has doubled over the last 18 months to keep up with our growth and provide our franchisees with the high level of support we pride ourselves on. Our capital partners have invested in our infrastructure, which has allowed us to double down on what we’re able to do to promote our franchisees’ success.”

The benefits of maintaining a low-cost point of entry are most clearly evident to Senior Helpers as it evaluates prospective franchisees looking to join its franchise system. By providing a number of financing options to qualified, interested entrepreneurs, the brand is able to create opportunities for those passionate about giving back to their community, above all. 

“By prioritizing the right character fit in our search for qualified franchisees, we’re not eliminating those with aspirations of owning their own business,” Cantrell said. “We’d rather find an individual that fits our culture; Senior Helpers isn’t just an investment for the wealthy. Our lower cost of entry allows us to be selective and creates the opportunity for a lot of very qualified and talented people to get into the business with the financing options we make available to them.”

On the heels of receiving Great Place to Work certification, this latest recognition from Entrepreneur adds to a growing list of accolades for the brand, something Cantrell said has a strong, positive effect on the value of the Senior Helpers franchise opportunity.

“[Such recognition] makes Senior Helpers a recognizable name in the competitive landscape,” he said. “There are a lot of great competitors in the senior care space due to the growing senior population, so differentiation can be tough. Being able to continuously receive accolades gives us an important distinction amongst competitors.”

The initial start-up cost for a single-unit franchise with Senior Helpers ranges between $104,800 and $144,300 and has a franchisee fee of $49,500. Qualified veterans and first responders receive an additional 10% off the franchise fee. To learn more about franchising opportunities with Senior Helpers, visit https://www.seniorhelpersfranchise.com/.

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