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Shots Fired! Red Lobster Rebukes "Terrible" Plant-Based Seafood

While other restaurant chains are hopping aboard the meatless bandwagon, Red Lobster representatives think there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Red Lobster CEO Kim Lodrup did not mince words when it came to speaking about the possibility of plant-based seafood. “Yes, we have looked into plant-based seafood—it was terrible. And no, we’re not introducing it,” he said in an interview reported by CNBC

While seafood has long been considered drastically healthier than red meat, Lodrup went so far as to infer that it is healthier than plant-based meats as well. “We believe we’re already offering something that’s more healthy than these plant-based foods,” he said, citing research from a Harvard School of Public Health professor.

Plant-based meats have been making waves throughout the restaurant industry and Red Lobster isn’t the only brand to clap back. While many vegans or “flexitarians” may choose to opt out of meat for ethical and environmental concerns rather than health-based reasons, there’s no doubt that this won’t be the end of the conversation for plant-based seafood to enter the mainstream. 
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