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Showhomes Aims To Open 10 New Units by End of 2021

The home-staging franchise is taking advantage of a red-hot real estate market for widespread franchise growth.

In the 35 years since interior design and home-staging franchise Showhomes was founded, the brand has grown rapidly and consistently, helping Realtors sell more than 30,000 residential properties worth more than $10 billion. Today, Showhomes boasts more than 50 locations across 18 states, and the brand shows no signs of slowing down. To meet the demands of one of the hottest real estate markets in decades, Showhomes is preparing to launch 10 new franchise units before the end of 2021.

“Our model is designed to succeed in virtually any real estate market, which is why we’ve experienced such consistent growth throughout the various ups and downs of the past 35 years, but a seller’s market like the one we’re currently experiencing is a rare and valuable opportunity that we are well equipped to take full advantage of,” said Showhomes COO Matt Kelton

To kick off its ambitious growth plans, Showhomes is targeting Dallas, TX; Orange County, CA; and Northern Virginia as prime markets for new franchise locations.

“These are areas that are experiencing a huge demand for staging and design services,” said Kelton. “We are always looking for the most lucrative opportunities for our franchisees, and our current target markets are absolutely ripe for success.”

Showhomes’ current growth opportunities arrive on the heels of a successful run throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, during which the brand was designated as an essential service, allowing franchisees to not only survive but thrive during a uniquely challenging year. 

Throughout the pandemic, Showhomes was deemed an essential business and did not lose a single franchise, unlike many other businesses. The brand also rolled out a suite of innovative new programs, including a new tech platform offering dazzling 3D remote viewings to buyers and digital consultations to sellers, which continue to give franchisees an edge over their competition even as in-person showings resume. Showhomes also expanded its services to include home updates for minor home remodeling as well as design services for the exploding short-term-rental market.

As the brand prepares to onboard new franchisees in new markets, it should have little trouble finding passionate and qualified candidates. Because the brand has established and refined a proven and comprehensive operational model, franchisees need little prior experience in the industry to succeed.  

Two of Showhomes’ newest franchisees, Reginald and Sylvia Gholston, who opened the brand’s first location in Atlanta in March, came to the franchise with backgrounds in mechanical engineering and academia, respectively. 

“We always wanted to own a business together,” said Sylvia. “We looked at other franchises, including fast food, lab work and even crime scene cleaning, but none of them worked for us.”

“I feel like all those years of watching HGTV has led up to this,” Reggie added. “A lot of the things I’d see on those shows started making sense. There’s an art and a science to home staging.”

Kelton says his team is focused primarily on finding franchisee candidates who have the drive, passion and management skills to run a successful business, regardless of their previous professional experience.

“The beautiful thing about Showhomes is that you don’t have to be an experienced designer to open your own business — you just need to know how to follow a playbook and use your resources correctly,” he said. “That allows us to partner with people from all walks of life who see the value of what we offer and want to make the most of the opportunity. As we embark on this expansion effort, we know we’ll be able to find those franchisees in every market we enter.”

The estimated initial investment to own a Showhomes franchise ranges from $77,400 to $119,500. This includes a $49,900 franchise fee. To learn more about franchising with Showhomes, please visit