Showhomes franchise Home Manager Program allows luxury living for less
Showhomes franchise Home Manager Program allows luxury living for less

Kelli Reed is part of the Showhomes Home Manager program, the only home staging franchise.

Kelli Reed does not have a permanent home – she relocates to whichever house is a part of her Home Manager program. As such Reed’s only permanent address is her office where she is given the opportunity to live in luxury homes such as the $1.45 million mansion she is currently based in.


Kelli who was born and raised in a small town in Indiana joins Showhomes with extensive experience in business and real estate. She received a degree in business administration from Indiana University East and began her 13-year tenure with Rotary (VSG), a manufacturer, as an administrative assistant before making her way to manager. In 2000 Reed was recruited by a local real estate agent and remained with the company for the next seven years. After her divorce Kelli began looking for different opportunities and relocated to Arizona to be closer to her brother. She searched for a career that would allow for social interaction and creativity. Enter Showhomes. In mid-April, Kelli’s parents are relocating to Arizona to work at Showhomes with their daughter. This will make the operation a true family-run business.

How did you learn about Showhomes?

Showhomes contacted me after viewing my resume online. I wasn’t too familiar with the franchise, but after discussing my interests it became clear this could be a great opportunity based on my business experience and real estate background.

Why did you want to work with the brand?

All the franchise owners were very positive and spoke very highly of Showhomes. There were many things I loved about it, but especially the flexibility of the business. You have the opportunity to go out into the community, interact with the public and set your own schedule.

How has business been since you opened?

We currently oversee nine staged homes and book approximately one staging job per week. We grossed $85,000 in total sales revenue from August to December 2013. Due to extensive demand I have hired a business partner, Celeste Reed (my mom). Her background is in interior design and she is responsible for staging and design opportunities. My father, Randy Reed, is also joining the business. His responsibilities will be financing, bookkeeping, and logistics. I will continue to oversee all business operations and marketing opportunities.

What services are you performing the most?

Partial home staging has been huge. We currently have approximately $100,000 of furniture inventory. We try to purchase unique pieces that have an impact on design. We have had several clients that have donated high end furnishings to our business. We do warehouse and logistics with AZ CV Pickup & Delivery Services who help manage and move the inventory. Due to Arizona’s real estate laws it took time to legally qualify the Home Manager Program. Therefore we launched that part of our business in March 2014.

Are there any employees or contractors you work with regularly?

We have not had to do any cold calling. I got involved with the Real Estate Board once I received my license and started building contacts within the organization. Gratefully, they now come to me for staging ideas. I also organize and conduct luxury home tours through the Board. We go on an executive bus tour and view 8-10 luxury homes. On each property viewed we ask the real estate agents to provide feedback for the listing agent’s client. This generates many referrals which turn into customer contracts. We have agreements with contractors that provide bids and contracts. We have done past jobs with them and respect their workmanship and capabilities. We provide design suggestions and if the customer decides to proceed the contractor will submit a quote for the job and we receive the referral.

Are you involved in any community outreach programs?

I recently completed training to become a logistics administrator with the Acts of Mercy (a disaster relief program). When the situation arises they will send me out internationally to help rebuild a community. I am also very involved in my local church, Antioch Community Church.