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FSR Magazine: How Emerging Franchises Like Shuckin’ Shack Weathered the COVID-19 Storm

With new plans on how to best serve consumers, some upstart brands seemingly had a blueprint for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, including family-friendly seafood franchise Shuckin’ Shack.

By Carley ChanaContributor
Updated 11:11AM 06/23/21

In a recent feature with FSR Magazine, Shuckin’ Shack, the North Carolina-based oyster franchise with 16 locations scattered across the East Coast, discusses how it was able to withstand the worst of the pandemic because the brand had laid the groundwork to be responsive to unforeseen crises when it launched in 2007. 

According to Shuckin’ Shack COO Bill Bartlett, smaller, emerging franchises have a different way of looking at their businesses — everything from training employees to perfecting the menu to ensuring that everything is thoughtfully planned and executed. It’s a less-is-more ethos that allows emerging chains to react to a situation on the ground, whether it’s a pandemic or simply rolling out a new menu item system-wide.

Bill also outlines four key ways that emerging chains set themselves apart, including concept, staff, menu and store footprint.

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