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MarketScale: Can Seafood Really Be As Accessible As The Corner Bar?

CEO of Shuckin’ Shack Jonathan Weathington discussed the brand’s story and franchise opportunity.

By Logan Ruby1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 04/27/22

In a recent interview with MarketScaleJonathan Weathington, CEO of Shuckin’ Shack, discussed the brand’s franchise opportunity and the state of the franchise industry as a whole. Shuckin’ Shack was designed on the premise of making seafood an everyday menu item, as opposed to the white tablecloth service.

While Shuckin’ Shack is a franchise with locations in the southeast, the vision is for it to feel local. “We want to take the pretense out of seafood and build a community,” Weathington explained. 

The restaurant franchise has experienced success and is expanding on a national scale, due in large part to the business model, local community feel and broad appeal.

The locations also vary from central business districts to suburbia. No matter where the store is or who it owns it, they all have that local, authentic coastal atmosphere, which is what is grabbing the attention of franchise owners. 

Shuckin’ Shack, like any restaurant, dealt with issues in the past few years, from closings to supply chain to staffing. Weathington shared, “We understand that we’re successful because of our front-line employees. We talk to them; ask them what they need beyond just the money or better hours. We want to meet those needs.”

While Shuckin’ Shack continues to expand, the brand will always offer a local and authentic atmosphere.

You can view the full article and interview here.