Signal 88 Security - Executive Q&A

Q&A With Signal 88 Security’s CEO, Reed Nyffeler

What about Signal 88 makes it unique within its industry? 

Within the security industry, our franchise model allows for the same level of interaction and services that a small security business would afford its clients. The franchise owner is committed, understands the local market and generally is in regular conversation with the employees and clients of that location. This level of service is something that the larger providers would not be able to offer. Using the brand and technology of Signal 88, we are able to overcome the challenges that many small security companies have with respect to their ability to scale and support much larger contract opportunities that expand into markets beyond their initial footprint. We believe that technology, franchising and our distinct advantages through the primary service offering of patrol are huge differentiators for us and have resulted in our market leading growth so far.

What have been some of the brand's most important milestones over the past five years? 

We now have nearly 120 franchise owners in nearly 350 locations. We also are open in three countries (Canada, Australia and the U.S.) and are in process with leads that would expand that to seven (UK, Germany, Costa Rica and Panama).  Additionally, our revenue after only nine years of purely organic growth would put us in the list of top 20 security firms in the United States.

What plans does the brand have in the coming years? 

We will continue to expand our brand domestically and internationally with franchise partners and security sub-contract opportunities overlaying our existing organic growth trend.

What does an ideal franchisee look like? 

We are looking for “Team Captains” that have an interest in owning their own business within the security space. Typically, these are individuals that have military, police or security backgrounds and are looking to transfer those skills into a business endeavor that they can directly benefit from!

Why is Signal 88 a good investment? 

Our franchise fee is 100% invested in an asset (a territory) that can be resold and which will continue to go up in value. Additionally, we are in an industry that will not go away and we have a very low investment, overhead and expense cost structure that produces returns much larger than the typical security company and/or franchise organization. All of these factors make us an ideal investment for someone looking to start their own business and get a great potential return that has a great aftermarket for a potential exit.