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Six Emerging Auto Franchises Shaking up the Traditional Mechanic Shop Model

While still in their early years of franchising, these auto businesses have reimagined the industry, providing exciting business opportunities and unique customer offerings.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 10:10AM 07/08/22

Though the automotive franchise industry has many perks, it is not uncommon for local auto shops to go out of business and for nationwide brands to be bought out and rebranded. Though still in their youth, these six auto franchises provide an exciting new take on automotive franchising while maintaining the benefits of more traditional auto business models.

Luby Dudes

  • Initial Investment: $99,853 – $124,833
  • Existing Units: 1

Luby Dudes provides mobile oil change services to both individuals and commercial fleets. The unique mobile model provides franchisees an advantage as just a small storage space is required rather than a warehouse or office, reducing overhead costs, and business owners can attract customers with a far more convenient service than brick-and-mortar oil service options.

Tread Connection

  • Initial Investment: $164,200 – $203,400
  • Existing Units: 34

Tread Connection was founded in 2016 by two brothers. One of them had previously worked in traditional tire retail sales and noticed that clients who were otherwise happy with their service still did not enjoy waiting on-site for their tire service to be complete. Tread Connection provides a mobile tire service that delivers increased convenience and value to customers and franchisees in a way traditional garages cannot.

Tommy’s Express

  • Initial Investment: $4,059,478 – $5,677,805
  • Existing Units: 72

According to its website, Tommy’s Express is revolutionizing the car wash industry with exceptional support, robust training and high-quality client service. In addition to Tommy University and on-site training, the brand encourages connection between franchisees and communities. On a national level, the brand contributes to Water Mission to provide safe water to global communities in need.

Take 5 Oil Change

  • Initial Investment: $217,969 – $911,990
  • Existing Units: 636

Though the brand has over 600 units nationwide, Take 5 Oil Change has only been franchising since 2016. The brand’s website says it is “the oil franchise that has changed oil changes forever,” and its many years of experience before entering the franchise world provides franchisees an opportunity to buy into a well-established, revolutionary model. Unlike other auto service brands, Take 5 offers speedy service focused on education rather than upselling, allowing for quick in-and-out and simplified operational procedures on all sides.

Green Shine

  • Initial Investment: $47,910 – $160,615
  • Existing Units: 15

Green Shine is an auto detailing company “centered around maintaining not only vehicles but the environment we are a part of.” Unlike other detailing services, Green Shine provides high-quality auto care that is eco-friendly, waterless and mobile. Though it was built on a foundation of car detailing, Green Shine allows franchisees the freedom to work on other high-end vehicles like boats and planes, as well.

Go Oil

  • Initial Investment: $20,000 – $50,000
  • Existing Units: 23

Go Oil provides a mobile oil change business with a strong corporate background. With pre-built vehicles, hands-on training, thorough IT support, preestablished supplier partnerships and more, the brand empowers its franchisees to start doing business and reaping a return on investment as early as possible.